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Days of You


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I am glad I went out last night. I wasn't going to, aching from the gym, broke and wanting to save everything I have for tonight's nero and Drums & Tuba show. But Days of You are great. They are tight and fun to watch, a great bouncy rythym in every song and a bunch of love songs (which is right up my ally these days). [big Grin]

Lowlights - being too sore to boogie

Highlights - $2.50 drinks! (Thanks out to Davey Boy and Hood); Free CD's; having Andre and Lynn show up (taking a break from their honeymoon, what great people!), having the synchronicity thing happening with wrestling; BradM letting me listen to our show through headphones; watching Crystal get hit on by crazy dancing boy; my walk home (very relaxing).

See ya'll tonight

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Yup, the wife took me.............gotta love that girl!

(Anyone got any MSG trades?)

Set 1


Mo'reen (where is that Wackomole, anyways?)


Tell Tale Heart (one of my all-time favorite tunes, by anybody. So dang beautiful)

Stick To The Road

Cornerstone Row

Monkey >

Bathtub Gin vocal section >


If I Dont Be There By Morning >

Little Man, Long Shadows reprise (apparently, the end of this new 18 song rock-opera they have written)

All in all, a decent first set. I loved hearing songs for the first time and I commented on that to Mrs Huxxx. These boys write as well as a band can write, that will never be denied to me. Hats off to that Monkey, and I found it ironic that Pablo was there, rather than either other monkey. You just knew that the shite was going down in the second half of this ball-game...............

The Last One To Leave >

Us And Them Jam >

The Last One To Leave

(Keep in mind, I dont know the name of this one folks)

Two Step Shuffle (sung by the gay one, known as Waylon, we find out later)

Politically Correct >

Waylon Is Gay speech >

Gloria/Dynamo Humm >

Politically Correct


The Pin >

King Harvest >

Buddy-Up (My favorite of the new ones)

Well, I wish I could say I was the last one to leave, AND, got an encore. VERY embarrassing from all of us tonight, and we best be ashamed. At least that is my only complaint.

Wow! (How often do I start with that?)

This was a free fall tonight. The only difference, was that we didnt need parachutes. We were swept back into the plane.

Waylon had mentioned during setbreak that he could see this room hoping. Well, it did and it didnt. The band did what they could do to make it so, but there werent enough bodies to take that roof off.

Gloria corrected the above and it didnt matter anymore.

I was sure that we had heard the song of the night. Was I ever thankfully wrong. The Pin has a new arrangement which satisifes the funkiest of us. Nasty.........

We heard a couple of covers tonight that I didnt even know where covers. If I Dont Be There By Morning is a Clapton tune (if my info is correct) and King Harvest is a band tune. For the record, Silvio is a cover as well (a Robert Hunter/Bob Dylan tune. Seriously).

Anyhoo, (hehehehehe, Jaimoe is funny), Buddy-Up brought out the funk train, we climbed aboard for our sail-out. Sweet, sweet second set.

Precisely played, brilliantly viewed (although, I tried to man the light show as per Grum's advice. At least, we got better pics in the second set).

Then, it was a party,


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i remember thinking dancing in the streets was on deck at some point...but i was smashed, i think it was just the tone of the guitar at that point.

that monkey tune was wicked....they KICKED it out of bathtub! it reminds me of hell is coming (haleys comet) right when they step into the jam, and it does those cool entrances into the chord changes...fiery...very fiery.

2nd set was killer. those guys brought the shit with them to Ottawa! What a solid band. they really know how to jam well, and the guitar player and bass player are just sick.

good night, cheap drinks, heavy hangover.

booche and lynn--so nice to see you 2! good times...you are still glowing the both of you. see ya's next week [smile]

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