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more scalper info


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more shitty news........found this on


Hey great news to all of you in search of tickets....I had posted a company named Empire Tickets which has 47 tickets for sale, but guess what I found another outstandind company call Missouri Ticket Co. that has them beat. Get ready to puke fokes. Those bastards have 56 tickets for sale ranging in price from $800 up to $2500, check it out this is so disgusting. Please feel phree to e-mail them with your most personal thoughts as I have been doing all day to these theifs. Come on now 56 fucking tickets....what a joke. You have to take out a loan in order to see phish for an evening.....WHAT. This must be stopped. Do any of these ticket brokers realize what we Phish phans stand for? Kindness and respect through music. I am really glad to have a message board such as this to vent my feelings on this subject. This has been the worst day of my life. We must unite a battle these people. Who do they think they are trying to profit from us kind phokes???

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we need to do something about this.

scalpers probably dont even know who the helll phish is or never mind there fav tune or show. this really gets under my skin those fricin scalpers. They have no idea what we are about and they stand for everything we are against [Mad]

man after hearing that some of these places have something like 56 tickets for sale when i can think of 56 people on here that would of loved those tickets. Ok i cant talk about this anymore i think im about to cry in disgust about this.

THE FANS MUST RULE those scalping bastards

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ebay is full of tickets for sale, but why are people bidding on them.........gotta do something about all this~ hopefully phish is planning on monitoring ebay and not sending out the tickets that are being sold off through ebay? any other thoughts?

i guess i should be pretty happy considering the fact that i am going to NYE and i only had to pay $49.50 US. pretty cheap ticket.......

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I emailed phish tickets-by-mail regarding the ebay scalpers and ticket brokers. They said they will spend the next two months monitoring all of these avenues and cancel orders that match seat locations. I'm afraid that the brokers got their tix via insiders at TM, so there is nothing phish can really do about those tix - only the ones 'won in the lottery' can be dealt with! Damn ticketbastard...they're in on the conspiracy!

Its good to know that the scalpers can't get a hold of taper's tix without phish cancelling them though... Scary to think that a show this big could potentially NOT get taped!

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Here's some info sent to me that may shed some light on the numbers and why phish doesn't have ALL the tix:

From: Jordan Geswein

Subject: phish tix (nSCI) (nKimock)

Sorry for the non-Cheese, non-Kimock post, but thought some of you might

find this interesting. I called the Phish tix number provided by Aram,

thanks Aram! Anyway I confirmed that I didn't get my tix, then asked

them some ?'s as to how many requests they got, the lady said they

received over 130,000 requests to enter the lottery, so figuring each

request was for 2 tickets thats a total request of 260,000 tix from

phans, of those requests they only had a total of 30,000 (11.5% of the

total requested) tix to sell for all four shows! Hampton seats 11,226

for reserved seating concerts, so thats 33,678 seats for the hampton

run. MSG seats ~19,763. That means there is only 53,441 total seats

available for the whole NYE run. The band has 30,000 of those seats

(available through the lottery), which means ticketbastard has 23,441 of

them to sell friday morning.

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