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toledo bacon?


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The Other Ones, Engrish.

Chewie, ummm... I've been thinking, I might go to those two Boston shows on the 18th and 19th. (Monday and Tuesday). Also the Detroit show. Getting some motel rooms in Auburn Hills for that. You in for that? Anyone else...??

Schwa.: The Toledo show was great. They never cease to amaze me!

As there were two other bands on the bill: Color Wheel & Red Cliff, I didn't reckon hookah to start their set any earlier than 10.30. It was stop and go traffic (mostly stop) for about 15 miles in from the CAN/ USA border... took about 3 hours to get to Toledo from the border! Met up with American Nomad and Nomadess at an exit about half hour from the MI/ OH border and car pooled from there. (Nice to be following someone because strange things were starting to happen upstairs! [Razz] )

A couple U-turns later, we arrived at the Hard Hat Cafe about 9 pm. It's a huge warehouse type venue. "Color Wheel" and "Red Cliff" weren't to open at all. Never heard what the deal was there.. A girl named Sara Cohen played some acoustic for a half hour or so... 'White Rabbits', etc. hookah took the stage at about 9.30. (Caught us a little off guard. )

The first set was solid. a couple songs I've not heard before (or remember hearing), - 'Capt. Krinklebein III', 'Fantastic', and this zany new bluegress tune, 'Sheepdog'. Elton John's 'Rocketman' was welcomed; quite emotional. The Beatles cover, 'Everybody's got Something to hide Except for Me and My Monkey...' was a lot of fun. I was hoping to hear 'Godspeed' that night so that was nice. A, imo, mediocre and rushed, 'Schwa', closed the set.

A band called "The Clarkes" played a set during hookah's setbreak. Certainly better than an empty stage. There was an intensity in the air not present in the first set when hookah took the stage again.

They opened the second set with a song that has just recently become a favourite of mine, 'Slipjig Through the Poppy Fields.' Gave me the chills. The crowd favourite 'Dragonfly' followed. Good stuff. They played 'Raging River' and a song that I can't remember right now, 'Fantastic'. The 'Sister Sugar' that followed was great. Sandwiching the "Sly & the Family Stone" funk staple 'Thank You (Falletinme Me Mice Elf Again)' Fun fun. 'Bone' to close the set!!

A newer Ed tune, 'One Last Look Around' and then Dave's 'Somewhere Down the Line' brought the evening to a delightful close. "We'll be seein' you... somewhere down the line."

A perhaps, average hookah show (still mind blowing), made tops by the wonderful folks who I was in the company of!

Overall highlights: Slipjig, Bone.

Drove back to Windsor (I drove!) to wake up Carrgo at 4am, and try to use up the goofiness we still had left in us from the show, and get some rest... A tentative plan was put in place to see hookah and Ratdog in Columbus the next day. The late awakening and absolute lack of ambition the next day killed that notion. (And also the other tentative plan of a trip to TO for a little raging.)

ekoostik hookah

9/20/02 - Hard Hat Cafe - Toledo, OH

I: music, capt. k, backseat, fantastic, rocketman, sheepdog,

everybody's got something to hide..., godspeed, schwa

II: slipjig, (short ed ditty), dragonfly, r. river, treasures, s. sugar> thank you for...> s.sugar, bone E: one last look around, SDTL

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You're just coming into Slipjig now???!!! That fuckin song is the shizzzzzzzzzznit. It is also the encore from the show you just got from me 5-24-02. Very nice, intense instru-mental.

Glad to hear the show went well, and again, i had to work and am jealous as hell. Poverty sucks!!

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