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New Deal last night...


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The second set far surpassed any ND experience I've ever been a part of, and I've seen about 20 shows. Lots of new themes in the first set, and more familiar stuff in the second, but all in all, fantastic show.

BTW, this new club, the HOME in Hamilton is pretty nice. Super small, only about 150 people can fit in it, but the sound is great and the vibe was pretty solid.

Thanks to Chris Briscoe for some hardcore spinning as well. Wicked job opening and closing the show!


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hmmmm...was there for a solid half an hour, than the strobe lights and smoke unfortunately started to get to me [Frown] .

tND, well, are really good at what they do . I don't know how else to explain it. To me though, the music is kinda predictable. People all around me were amazed, even though they played a simple, predictable switch. Even worse was when they dropped the beat into a slow section and people went nutz, just caused they changed beat or timing.

I focused on the drummer for most of my time there. I have been wrong by saying he is repetitive, he's not really. Just i think it’s his constant driving snare and bass beats that get to me. BUT obviously many, many people are getting down to it [big Grin] . I almost felt bad not totally into it, because EVERYONE else was. [big Grin]

Its nice to see the rave and dance community mixing with the jamkidz. [big Grin] It was amazing to see how many rave kidz were there. Unfortunately many were doing the touchy feely X thing, mouth soothers and all [Mad] . Lots of drug use. [Mad]

TONS of smiling faces. and more IMPORTANTLY it was packed. SO it MUST be working. THe music I see barely fills bars most days. [Confused] Yet these guys are packing everywhere they play.

On my way out, I talked to a kid just arriving; he came from Albany! [Eek!]

I THANK MarcO for the preshow hospitality . I apologize for not sticking around. I really was

having fun, till the strobe lights, the cigarette smoke, the low ceilings, and strange vibe (which was NOT bad, just kinda different) make me dizzy and somewhat scared.

This was the first full crowded, smokey bar i have been to since i was sick. I hope Brian let ya know i was ok and that i did have a good time. I tried calling this morning before going out to Granny's, and I see you returned the call this afternoon while I was there.

Thanks again MarcO, and see the rest of ya Tuesday...

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Anti-Canadian? Even if they were, so what? Unless they start pissing on the flag on-stage or doing a house version of O Canada they're musicians to me...

I think $15 is a good price for tND in Ottawa in 2 weeks. What's wrong with them getting paid for their work? I remember seeing Jamie in One Step Beyond for free, and they were a 7-piece with shitloads of gear to pay for... Darren and Gypsy Soul were also a 7-piece with little draw but wicked grooves. You'd like to get paid for something you're good at right?

I love how Jamie uses a spell-check before sending out tND's newsletters too...


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tix were $15 in advance, $20 at the door, and it was close to a sell-out, if not a sell-out. It was packed. they played two sets. apparently Bullfrog was not well attended at all.

I thought it was quite a good show, the most notable thing of which was the amount of new material they have recently brought forward. some real nice stuff. I imagine by the time they get to the Mtl/Ottawa/Kingston run, they should be blazing, so get out there!!! My only complaint with Saturday night was the venue itself, which I thought just sucked. I also saw The New Deal in Waterloo on Friday, which I thought was the better show, and much better venue. The Turret in Waterloo is a nice place to see a show, maybe some other bands can start to come there. It was real nice with a nice big dancefloor, reminded me of Forwell Hall at Fanshawe.

I'm glad to hear you're ok, Steve, and sorry it didn't work out for you. I am glad you gave tND another chance, and I promise not to badger you to come oot to their shows anymore, it's clear that you appreciate what they're doing but it's not your thing at all. I actually had as good a time hanging out before the show as I did when I was at it. Funny that, no??

for those who care, here's some New Deal news you won't find at their website (it sorely needs some updating):

- new double-live "sound+light" CD comes out in a few weeks and it is a selection of jamz from their two nighter at the Bowery in NYC late last Spring.

- apparently Gordie Johnson of Big Sugar sat in with them in Halifax a week or so ago. I'd love to hear that!!

- Oct. 9th: Louis' Pub, Saskatoon

- Oct 11: The Rev, Edmonton

- Oct 12: The Warehouse, Calgary

- Oct 13: Kool Haus, Toronto (w/ DJ Junior Sanchez)

- Oct. 17: Richard's on Richards, Vancouver

- lots of US shows coming up.

and there you go!!

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Originally posted by show--whore:

i wish i could support the TND, but high ticket price's and fact that they don't support the scene in witch they grow up in thats bullshit. there a good band but why are they so anti canadain!!!

They're still based out of Toronto and have played probably 40+ Canadian shows this year so far, everywhere from Halifax to Victoria. Hell, they've played Hamilton 3 times so far this year. Anti-Canadian??

I gotta say, with all respect bro, that I would have thought a guy with such ambition to bring Canadian jam music to the US could be more supportive of the one band of ours they've heard of down there (generally speaking). [Confused]

I guess this begs the question: how much would you pay for a ND show?

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When I read MarcO's interview with Darren of the New Deal, Darren and the band seemed very supportive of the "jam" scene. Here is a question and answer from the interview:


Does it sometimes seem perplexing that you are often associated with the “jamband” scene and do you find that tag at all frustrating?

Not at all. I find a lot of bands dwell way too much on explaining why

they’re not a "jamband". Although, in our case, I have found that a lot of people explain that although we are not a jamband, people in that scene take a liking to our music. The jamband scene has been an integral part of our growth and I think will continue to be a great scene for us to play to.


That sounds fairly supportive to me. In the interview, Darren also talks about playing in Canada and the U.S. - again, I don't find him saying anything negative about the Canadian scene.

To read the complete interview you can click here:

link to the New Deal interview

Peace, Mark

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