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Five Disc Rotation (Sept. Edition)


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Okay-dokey-smokey. It's that time again. Time to let your fellow skanks take a peek into your stereo and see what has been on perma-rotie . And as usual, allow me to begin....

1)Neil Young 11.16.76 - a find on Further Net. Apparently Neil and C.H. did a really late show after their first show first part's acoustic, second is plugged - the Like a Hurricane is nuts

2) Beck - Sea Change - got the advanced copy this week - I love Beck in any and all forms, but acoustically this guy is a genius

3) Phish - 12/2/97 - I had this show and lost it and now I have it again! The first set is so strong that it's hard to believe they had anything left for the second

4)Blue Break Beats Vol 3 and 4 - funk it up y'all

5)Ryan Adams 3/1?/02 New York - I dig on Ryan, but I love him more for his Wharf Rat>Answering Bell>Wharf Rat!

Book o' the Month > Long Strange Trip - Dennis Mcnally - finished it a couple of weeks ago and despite containing little to no new tidbits, it's comprehensiveness makes it a must read and a must own (includes full index for reference in the back)

Movie o' the Month > If you haven't seen Amelie yet, smoke a bowl and prepare to have your faith in mankind restored

THAT'S IT. Do it up!

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schweet... I love these lists [smile]

Bob Marley-Catch a Fire - Love it, put it on repeat and listen to it over and over again

John Butler Trio-Three .. The words really make you think and I like the music too

Beck-Odelay-Beck just fuckin rocks.

Norah Jones-Come away with me-It's nice relaxing music and she has a really pretty voice

India Arie-Acoustic Soul- She is a truely beautiful women, and really underrated [smile]

that's it fer now..



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Some stuff currently gettin played 'round here:

Karl Denson's late set at Bonnaroo. Just AWESOME!!

Mofro 2/2/02 (think thats the date).

Robert Randolph second night at Bonnaroo.

And playing right NOW, Railroad Earth 8/27/02, Carbondale IL.

Jack Johnson "Brushfire Fairytales". Playing it all summer and can still toss it in for a mellow mood.

Book: The McNally Dead book. I agree w/ Scottie, its quite comprehensive

Movie: Well, i don't really have an opinion that's good or bad, but, I saw that new Robin Williams flick, "One Hour Photo". Anyone have any comments on this ?? i left the theater just saying "hmmmmm". I like the "look" of the movie but i think i missed the punchline....

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These days it would be easier to list what isn't in my CD player. Anyway - here's what is:

Jimmy Swift Band - 2002-08-24 - They playedd an absolutely killer set at Evolve - I can't wait to hear them soon!!!

Phish - Hampton Comes Alive - At least one of the 6 CD's are in my changer at some point.

Jomomma - Mobile - If you haven't picked up the CD - do so when they're in your town next - its really well done.

Nero - 2002-06-30 - SBD from frontiertown Crazy ass Lemondust

Grand Theft Bus - 2002-08-09 - a sick show with some great new tunes - can't wait for their debut disc to come out.

Well folks thats just a brief selection of what I've been listening to lately.

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Here's my top few CD's that won't leave my player...

Smokestack "It's Coming Down"

Quite possibly the best new band I've heard in the past two years. They mix latin, jazz, rock and bluegrass perfectly to create music that is feast for the ears. Check them out as they are coming to Toronto, Ottawa and Kitchener in October.

Gabe Dixon Band "On A Rolling Ball"

Possibly the next Dave Matthews Band. A band with jam chops and pop sensibilities. Their songs are melodic, jammy and just incredible. Featuring a piano, upright bass, sax and drums, this eclectic quartet is definitly worth hearing before they blow up and their shows sell out.

NOJO "You Are Here"

This is the NEUFIELD-OCCHIPINTI Jazz Orchestra. Their are 18 members and this album was recorded on a farm a few years back. Quite possibly the finest jazz big band with funky undertones I've heard in years. Please check out this record!

David Bowie "Ziggy Stardust"

A classic I hope you all have because it's just a masterpiece start to finish.

Blue Quarter "Electro-Lounge"

I'm super impressed with this record. Really good representation of what they are like live. It's worth checking out.

Uncle Sammy "Live @ The Barn 7.1.01"

This is a legendary set they recorded in the pouring rain without vocals at the 01' GOTV. This is quite possibly the most talented band out of the northeast. They make you cringe at shows with their display of talent, and are a must hear! I'll be seeing them a few times this phall.

That's my list. peace-

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Am I in the minority here, in that I don't put discs into heavy rotation? I do most of my listening at the office, usually with 5 or 6 titles in a given week. I don't repeat titles from week to week.

This week's titles are:

  • Drums & Tuba / Box Fetish
  • Vai / Sex & Religion
  • Bob Marley & The Wailers / One Love: Best Of
  • Frank Zappa / YCDTOSA Vol. 5
  • Charles Mingus / Ah Um

About the only titles I've been listening to multiple times over the last few months were:

  • Sarah Harmer / You Were Here
  • GTB / 2002.05.19

Aside from those, I try to mix it up as much as possible (even down to having a week's titles cover a range of styles).



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I concur with the above, that I certainly don't get hooked on cds to the point where I find myself listening to one with any freqeuncy (that is since Jack Johnsons "Brushfire Fairytales".......)

In response to these posts I usually just think of 5 I have found, or refound for the last month.........

1. Grand Theft Bus- 8.9.02. I wasn't hot on these guys intially, but they keep growing on me. This show in particular features some fine vocals, and interesting jams.

2. Cops and Softcore- The most recent addition to my tungstengrusten cd collection. I think it was mixed a while ago, but he just gave me CD1. As the info sheet says:


3. Phish- 7.8.94. With all of the recent hype, I have been delving into my back catalog. This YEM>Frankenstein>YEM is way beyond comparison.....

4. Jomomma- Mobile. An awesome studio effort. I think the songwriting has come along way, while still maintaing the funky hard edge we have all come to know as Jomomma.

5. Bruce Springsteen- Greeting from Asbury Park. If you haven't heard Bruces debut, go get it and hold. Incredible lyrics, and raw production and songwriting. Still my favorite Bruce album to date, and it was 1973!



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Kate Bush--"Hounds of Love" (yeah, dumbass album name, I know)

Squeeze--"Singles, 45 and Under"

Other than that, mostly I've been listening to the radio. Depressing, huh? Creed, over and over and over and over .... Someone buy me a strawberry marguarita grande and crush a couple of valium tablets into it, eh?

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Jurassic 5 - Quality Control

Zero 7 - anotherlatenight

Sound Tribe Sector 9 - 08/09/02 - shn's from Furthernet include 15 jpeg's of the show and a 20 second avi video. Karsh Kale on the tablah and vocals 2nd set.

Chillout 2001 v.1 - compilation CD

sts9 - Berkfest 2002 - awesome 'Kamuy'

my name is weezy, and I'm a Sector 9-aholic.

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