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STINKMITT lyrics (viewer discretion advised)


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Jailbait - by Stinkmitt (MC Jenny Craig, MC Betty Ford)

21 be way too late, when I want that jailbait

cruising through the suburbs in our brown mini-van

Jen and I are dodging soccer-moms the best we can

looking for a lad that's not a boy, but not yet a man

I got jailbait on my brain while I'm squirming on my hand

when you're as butt as me, man, cougar-ville comes quick

if we don't pick em' young then we don't get no dick

now at this point, you might think that we're really sick

but I'm holding out my lollipop and lookin' for a lick

I know you've only got your learners license baby

but that's OK, that's all it takes to drive me crazy (fuck me baby)

your inexperience doesn't bother me

cuz I get off when peach fuzz is what I see

yes I get off, knowing that, when we're through

It'll only be a moment before round two

do me doggy-style, boy you sure can keep it up

that's why I love fucking such a young pup

21 be way too late, when I want that jailbait

**these chicks are HILARIOUS - the show on Friday was CLASSIC!

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