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For all those going to the Palace, there are these little cottages you can rent that are DIRT cheap, as close as you can get to the arena I think. If you are familiar with that highway#, they are just East of the venue.

I am sorry I cant provide anymore details, it is all I can remember from the have of Summer 94 and 95......but honestly, if you can check them out, check them out. I think there were around 15 of the cottages (one room, double bed, bathroom), so if you and a bunch of yours rent them out, you can throw down a hell of a party. That place can rock and you dont need to worry about getting kicked out like you can at a hotel.

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From what I remember, they are heated. But, I was tripping balls each night I 'slept' in them. I kinda recall turning some knobby looking things around until the place got warmer, but I may have just been juggling shot glasses of tequila.

Jebas, what has happened to me? I freakin got old since then.

Hey, we got screwed over in the lot, first night in 95. THAT WAS PAPER YOU BASTARDS! And thanks to that debacle, the following show found me WACKED cause I thought I was eating paper again. "Booche, you better eat alot of this stuff if you want to get a buzz."

Lesson learned, you cant get high from paper, but you sure can get fugged over from stuff on paper.

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I know that Grum/Phishead5000/Harpua/InsertNameHere was with us in '95

but we had given him the info back then, so hopefully, he remembers more than I do. He let some tripped out kid sleep in the back of his pickup truck. This dude was seriously messed. Some local yokel that had gone to the lot just to party, scored a few tabs, took them and ended up at our Cottage Place. He played guitar upside down for quite some time. He had never played in his life, but boy, was he having fun.

I have seen some black basketballs in someone's eyes in my day, but this kid took the cake.

If memory serves us anything else, if you are travelling South or West towards the venue, it is on the left hand side about a mile (?) away? There is a right swerve in the road, and it begins just before that. It was tricky for us to notice when we first went there, but we were toked.

Hmm, maybe that was Giants Stadium I'm thinking of.............

In all honesty though, if those cottages are still there (I couldnt begin to think of what the price would be now, but it was 35US a night then, compared to 75+ at the hotels just down the road), that is THE place for all the heads to stay. What a freakin party you would all have, and if someone locates them (I am going to try tonight), I may be up for a road trip.

[Yoda voice-over]Super-party much fun we would have[/Yoda voice-over]

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Albany 95 - Knickerbocker Dead

Bouche sleeps with the fishes in a ditch with Harpua and the Wackamole after the Dead's first show.

Bouche: "Dont tell Myrna."

and then a few days later:

Booche: "Hey Myrna, guess what............."

simply beautiful, although, those shows are bittersweet for me. I have the most KILLER tapes (which, I will never play again until I can convert them to cd). I could have, should have, was the stupidest idiot in the world not to have gone, to those shows, and the boys ripped it those 2 nights. I cant wait to hear them again AND, hear that Morning Dew I missed 'oh so many times' .

Wasnt Jerry asleep onstage during one of those setbreaks? I seem to recall a funny story.

I still remember you Fug Sugs showing up at Le Apartmente upon your arrival.

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'Something' Cabins, that is what the place in Detroit is called............

Cabins, cause you stay in a cabin, not a cottage. Man, I must still think I am on my honeymoon.

How did you end up with that shirt? I knew it was yours, but I thought I owned it [Wink]

Yup, I remember you guys showing me both nights on shirts, telling me the 2nd night was better, only for me to say "No FREAKIN way man, look at how sweaty the first night was!"

Ahhhh, so many memories that arent really there at the same time.

Wait a second, I think I am lost........the second night is sweatier?


I cant wait to hear those shows again.......

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backbacon WE ARE UP!

we will book a room in same hotel. will help pay for gas. THIS WOULD BE GREAT.

it would be little T and I


(i'm sorry for wasting so much time looking for rides...its just man, having no licence sucks!, especially when i didn't deserve to loose it)

I see your from Chatam....i may be able to get us TO YOU, so you don't have to go anywhere...

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