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rally for the wildlife centre - wed


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sorry, this is kind of ottawa centric but

This is an email from my friend linda - she raises orphaned racoons for the wildlife center and i guess because of rabies, they are trying to destroy all raccoons in the area even the ones that people know for certain have not come in contact with rabies (cuz she's had them since they were infants) They've come to her house and demanded them at least once, but she refused. I guess they've started raiding and just taking the animals now. So, anyway, if this is something you would care to help protest against, (the destruction of healthy animals is the issue from linda's point of view and i guess the wildlife center itself is at risk now too) you could help out by taking a nice walk to lisgar street Wed at lunch. :-) (lindas msg is below, because i cannot attend i thought i could at least post this up to people i thought might not mind showing up to add numbers to a good cause.)

thanks a lot !



It's me again. I'm writing to ask those of you who are downtown on Wednesday, and have a few minutes at lunchtime, to show up at a rally at City Hall in support of the Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre.

I'm sure you've heard the news that MNR raided the Centre last week and confiscated 32 raccoons and a skunk, many of which will be euthanized for no valid reason. As a result, I decided to let my four babies go free. The centre continues to fight the matter in the courts but needs public support.

Although a provincial matter, it is very important to get the City of Ottawa to take a stand on this issue. After two months of media and pressure from supportive councillors and the public, a motion will be going foward in support of saving the Centre at the council meeting on September 25, 1:30 pm.

Since it will likely be our only chance to get the City involved, a rally has been organized to show Council that this issue really does matter to the community. A strong show of support is essential to get the motion passed. If you happen to be near or work downtown, please drop by, if only for a few minutes at around 1:00 pm. It's the numbers that count.

Details are below. Thanks guys for listening and hope you don't hate these emails!!!

What: Rally: 12:45pm Wednesday, September 25, 2002

City Council Meeting 1:30 p.m. (Following Rally)

Where: Ottawa City Hall Lisgar Street Entrance

Between Elgin and Cartier

Parking: Underground parking at Ottawa City Hall enter from

Elgin Street; several other parking lots nearby; not much

street parking, so plan ahead as we need to get the Rally

underway at 12:45 p.m. sharp.


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well judging by the overwhelming response to this thread, i guess none of you went... [Wink]

and you call yourselves hippies -- oh ya, plenty of energy to support your bands and your websites, but what about the poor wittle animals, huh? (i guess they dont serve beer in the forest eh? [Wink] ) ha ha [big Grin] j/k

Anyway, i have great news in the form of an update email from linda -- here it is...


Hiya. I have great news:

1) this will hopefully be my last email to you on the subject;

2) there was a great turn-out at the rally (watch it on tonight's news); and

3) Ottawa City Council unanimously supported the motion to save the Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre. Yeah!!!

And not only did the Council support the centre, but they committed to become partners in brokering a solution, make MNR accountable for its actions, and return the already-seized animals to the Centre (see full motion below).

Don't know if you've attended a council meeting but they run through the agenda in rapid fire. No snoozing allowed, I tell ya. Everything is carried unless there is a dissention or "hold" (whatever that means). When the motion on the Wildlife Centre was carried, the audience interrupted the meeting for awhile with applause, whooping, and cheers. It was really quite emotional.

I really can't thank everyone enough for the words of encouragement and support, for reading these emails, for the 'you go girl's, for signing the petition, for attending the rally. Your voice made a difference -- you are truly a part of this success. I am soooo lucky to have such great friends (sniff sniff).

Although the fight's not over, we couldn't have hoped for a better outcome.

Love Linda



WHEREAS the recent actions of the Ministry of Natural Resources are putting in jeopardy the ability of the Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre to continue its work in our community; and

WHEREAS the City of Ottawa depends on the Wildlife Centre to provide both its conflict resolution and rehabilitation services and support the Centre with an annual grant of $160,000, which reflects only a small portion of the financial burden the city would bear if it were obliged to provide such services directly; and

WHEREAS the absence of the Wildlife Centre would lead to residents harbouring injured and orphaned wildlife in ways that could jeopardize their health and the animals' health, as well as exacerbating situations of conflict with wildlife because of the absence of the Wildlife Centre's information resources;


1. The City of Ottawa, Ministry of Natural Resources and Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre meet to jointly determine regulations that will allow this valuable service to continue.

2. The Ministry be requested to present to Health, Recreation and Social Services Committee, for public discussion, its rationale for expanding the raccoon rabies high risk area to cover the entire city of Ottawa.

3. The Ministry also be requested to report to the Health, Recreation and Social Services Committee on the return of wildlife seized from the Wildlife Centre to remain in the Centre's care until next May, when the animals can be released in appropriate natural areas pre-approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Oh my gosh, I am so happy. FYI, the two Councillors that played a key role need mentioning: Alex Munter (what an amazing speaker) and Wendy Stewart.

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