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NHL Idenity crisis


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I know I live on Spruce street in Ottawa but apparently according to the NHL I don't live in Ontario.

We have bell express view and chose a package that from what I could decifer would allow me to watch the Leaf games that cable locked me out of for years....Well apparently not [Mad]

I went to such a channel tonight and got a message saying I was blacked out!!!! Grrrr.....so I called bell express view tro ask why the hell I was paying for a channel that I could'nt see, the answer I got was

" well according to the NHL, you live in Quebec"

I was speachless all I could do was laugh.

I ask " the NHL has it's own map?"

I hear from the chick" well yes"

I say "where does ontario end according to the NHL?'

she says

"well the border swerves, I don't have access to that information, but you can purchas another package for 129$"

I say " will I get all the leaf games then"

she say "well it depends"

I say" on what?"

She says "where you live"

I say " well I am not sure where I live now, I'll have to call back when I figure it all out"

My Quest is to figure out where in Ottawa this mysterious border is, if anybody out there is living in Ottawa and has bell express view please tell me where you live and if you can see anything on channel 403?

I know that everybody here may not be a leaf fan but I hope you can all understand my frustration and confusion.

I will admit that I have had lots of wine tonight but I am sure that even sober I would be baffled to hear that I do not live in Ontario and that the NHL have become geographical experts


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A couple of tips:

  • Check any documentation (including the original advertising brouchures, if you still have them) for the system you bought. See what, if any, promises were made about the games you would/woudn't be able to see (and check the fine print / footnotes).
  • Go back to Bell, see if you can get higher up than the basic customer support line, and explain the situation, tell them you're very unhappy, and you want the situation resolved. Mentioning that this is a show-stopper, and may result in you cancelling the service if it's not resolved might be a good last-ditch tactic. Keep track of when you called, and the name(s) of anybody you talked to.
  • Start writing letters: Bell, the NHL, the CRTC, and maybe the Ontario ministry of consumer & corporate affairs. The BBB might be a good idea, too. Keep copies of all the letters you write.
  • Do a web search for people with similar problems. Chances are, you aren't the only/first one with this problem.

Good luck.



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Last year, there was a problem with Expressvu getting Sens games...(obviously the better choice!) but I do recall the uproar that was caused with that it was in all the papers, and they were able to get a feed for Ottawa games in Ottawa...Such a loyal Leafs fan...what are you doing in Ottawa anyways...That`s almost like me complaining that I can`t get the BC Lions home games on the tube!!!

SENS ALL THE WAY THIS YEAR BABY...4TH time is a charm!!!

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FYI, I just looked up the FAQ for Leafs TV at http://www.torontomapleleafs.com/leafstv/tv_faq.html - that would only be mostly pre- and post- game stuff, but I was curious anyway.


Question: Where is it (i.e. Leafs TV) be available?

Answer: Leafs TV can be seen in the Maple Leafs extended broadcast area which covers all of Ontario except for the Ottawa region.

So there ya go - with the wonders of the digital age, you still can't see the damn hockey you want! [Frown] I'm with Brad on the writing and complaining.


Mr. M.

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