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Golden caramels


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I've just started listening to it, and it sounds really good so far. I have a couple of questions, though:

  1. You say you ran two boards. How did you feed each individual source into both of them? I can imagine using a split cable, or using the first board's per-track "outs" to the second board's "ins". Is there another way?
  2. Did you use any effects (reverb, compression, graphic eq, etc.) through the board, or was it just what was on stage and in each channel?
  3. How long did it all take?
  4. How much did cost?

It'd be great if you could write a little how-to guide (with example equipment, diagrams, etc.) for people to use. I'd love to be in on doing this kind of thing.



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Hey i love to chat about this stuff and am always willing to share, fer now i'll just answer the questions....

1. the 8 microphones went into the Allen & Heath board, each channel had a direct out that fed into the AW4416. The monitor outs on the AW4416 were used to feed the amps/speakers in the other room. This allowed me to get the best levels recorded and have a separate mix to feed the speakers...Wil was the only one in the room with a monitor and that was just for his vocals really-used very sparingly. In the studio room we just moved the amps around so everyone could hear each other ok.

2. The overhead/room mic had compression as well as Wil's guitar mic-not much on each tho. I think a bit of reverb was used on the snare and voice but only in the mix for the audience.

3 & 4: Hmm, don't really have numbers, for time about 2-3 hours setup, 2-3 hours takedown + performance time....then about 8-10 hours editing and mixing and maybe 1 or 2 more hours to master it...As for cost this was an experiment and the band and I worked out something that was more token than representative-that being said i'm open to negotiations, ideas and bartering!

On a side note:

One song was cut from the final release and all gaps were reduced to the point of almost mixing the songs together....this was to fit it on an 80 minute CD, as it is right now it clocks in at 79:58.

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