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From the election on up this guy has been busy convincing Americans to show the world that the jig is finally up in the US. Lies and rhetoric are no longer things to try and hide, rather, they are the stuff of champions. Y'all heard about the democratic process in Florida - there is not a soul in the world that believes that was an honest election. Axis of evil - if you're not with us you're with the terrorists - I'm a blood relative of Princess Diana, Winston Churchill and Winnie the Pooh...if his dad wasn't a former president I seriously believe the White House would leak info about Dubya's virgin birth. I'm not kidding. A virgin birth would be as believable as most of what his administration is spouting.

Unfortunately, my anger gets the best of me at these times, and I don't articulate well. Am I angry at GB? Sure, but I'm angrier at Americans, that tv and patriotism would convince the people that lies are true if presented nicely, that war is peace if the US starts it, and that 1984 is here, live and in real time. And they're fuckin' happy about it!


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