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Well I just got back from a GRATE time in

Syracuse! My girlfriend and I met for the Bruce

Hornsby show featuring Steve Kimock.

We started the day off with a swim at the hotel

to rid the brain of the 4+ hour drives it took to

get there. A few cannonballs later we were

ready for the day ;-)

After this we headed to the mall, as what else

would you do in a new town ;-) Actually Bruce

Hornsby was doing an in-store appearance at

Borders. We thought he was gonna do music,

but it just ended up being an autograph session.

Kinda cheesy, so we headed out for some eats!

We headed to Dinosaur BBQ for some great ribs

and spicy shrimp.The sauces are too much! I'd

have to say though that Redbones is still the King.

We picked up our tickets at willcall then got lucky

and heard Hornsby and his Rhythm section doing a

sound check of Jack Straw! WooHoo!!

Pre-show pints at the Blue Tusk was phun. A killer

selection of draft, cool staff, and good music. Enjoyed

listening to Marley and the Seapods live album while

chatting with some local heads.

Next stop Clarks Ale House part of the Landmark

building. Got a German lesson on the correct way to

order Pilsner from Sarah and the Bartender. Apparently

they had difficulty with my pig-latin Canuck of ...Beer...

Cold...Lots....Mmmmm. ;-)

Into the Landmark we go! The Landmark Theatre was

built during the roaring 20's, and has been recently

restored. This is an awesome place to see music.

Holds about 3000 folks... thick carpets, cool tapestries,

a grand staircase, and a very cool looking atrium.

We headed into the show early wearing our Kimock

for President and Kimock for Prime Minister shirts [smile]

We had front row, between Steve and Bruce. They

did have 2 rows below us in the Orchestra pit that

must of been guest tix. Anyways we couldn't have

been in a better spot. We made sure that SK got his

K. for Pres shirt too! Thanks Armand!! It seemed the

band, roadies and Steve all got a kick out of it!

Musically the show was amazing. I'm a big Hornsby

phan, and having SK play with him was the icing on the

cake.They also decided to play thru the setbreak, giving

us nearly 3 hours of non-stop music. GFTNC duet with SK

was sublime. The segue between Bruce's Great Divide into

The Band's Across the Great Divide was mint. Lots of amazing

playing by all, his band is way Tight! Masterpiece was phun

to see with Bruce on the Accordian, much like he use to play

with the Dead. You could tell SK was having a blast! Eyes closed

...smiles...singing along... and ripping solos most every tune.

Fav. guitar moments were during End of the Innocence and also

when he tore the roof off with a slide solo during the Traffic

cover of Low Spark of High Heeled Boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the end of the show SK gave us a big thumbs up for

the shirts, which made an already amazing night even

better! If you haven't seen Bruce or Steve....Do It and

Do It soon!!!!!!!



09/28/02 Landmark Theater - Syracuse, NY

The River Runs Low*, Shadow Hand*, Night on the Town*,

Girl From The North Country**, Great Divide > Across the Great Divide,

Sticks & Stones, Pete & Manny > When I Paint My Masterpiece > (What

a Time) > Barcelona Mona, Resting Place, Drum/sax jam > End of the

Innocence > Lazy Living > End of the Innnocence, Steps > King of the Hill,

Blackberry Blossom > Going Down > Arkansas Traveler > King Of The Hill

Encore: (Greensleeves) > White Wheeled Limousine > Low Spark of the High

Heeled Boys

Encore 2: (Mandolin Rain), Swing Street > Sad Moon, Mandolin Rain > Sad Mood

Comments: * denotes solo piano; ** denotes piano with Steve Kimock







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