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nero on Sat. Sept. 28 in Guelph ...

mark tonin

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You're very welcome! It was nice to be able to help you guys out, and my 5-year-old son got to be a nero roadie, which was great.

One of the many highlights of my weekend was him talking about how he was going to help the band bring in their gear ... he got such a thrill doing it and talked about it a bunch of times after ... sweet [smile]

Last night he and I are in the car and I put on a tape ... my son says to me "Is that the band, Dad?" I reply "The band?" and he says "Yeah, the band that was at our house." I told him that it wasn't the band ... it was Deep Banana Blackout.

So later on that night I'm in my basement cranking up the nero show from the Comfort Zone Phil Lesh afterparty, and he comes down and asks "Is that the band, dad?" I turn down the music and say to him "Yes, that's the band nero that was at our house." He says "Turn it up, I like that band." My son rocks!!! A five-year-old nero fan.

Peace, Mark

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