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new deal in victoria!


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Hey Gentle, I've been to Soundgarden, it is a pretty good new venue in a city that is hurting for them. The sound system is awesome, it is the old sound system from the university club "Vertigo", John Borys owns and operates the system and he is one of the best in town. They have been doing some reno's and fixing the place up bit by bit, if some good acts start showing up and playing there it will become a local favorite I think.

As far as the New Deal at Legends, ever since I went to see Scofield and shortly after Charlie Hunter, and walked in to find tables on the dance floor with people at the front tables with their feet up on the stage (just fucking rude in my opinion) I have sworn to never see another show there and as much as I would love to see them, I have nothing if not the strength of my convictions, so no deal for me. Everyone else who can ignore the venue will have an awesome time I am sure.

Hope the info on soundgarden is of some kind of help.

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