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TM strike due to Phish!! Haha


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Hey folks, check this one out - I got a real kick out of it!!

Ticketmaster on Strike Oct 1, 2002

AP Newswire - Syracuse, New York=20

Over two-hundred Ticketmaster customer service employees went on strike today

as part of a petition to stop the band Phish from ever using the ticket

service again.

"Work is no longer work. It's become psychotherapy. I don't care if a person

has seen the band over two-hundred times since nineteen ninety-one,"

explained Julie Tavners, a former customer service representative.

Research does show that call volume has quadrupled since tickets for the four

scheduled Phish concerts went on sale, but Ticketmaster refused to comment on

the matter.

"They're the most obsessed fans I've ever come in contact with, and I've sold

tickets to Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel," explained Mike Turrico, also on

strike. "Customers were offering me some girl named Molly for tickets, but I

quickly assured them that I'm happily married."

This strike marks only the second in Ticketmaster's long and dominant history

in the concert tickets arena. The first occurred in New York City in 1985

when the phone lines suddenly went down soon after Barbara Streisand tickets

became available to the general public.

"I was there back in eighty-five. This isn't as bad, but it's damn near

close," explained Turrico.

Phish will play Madison Square Garden on New Year's Eve, then head down to

Hampton, Virginia for a three night stand on January second, third, and


Douglas Madden


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Guest Low Roller

I wonder how the band feels about all this? I wonder if they are even aware of the "ticket bookie" bullshit after they went through a lot of effort to make sure that everybody got their ticket (pre-order lottery, max. 2 tix per person, etc...)?

I am still completely ticketless at this point, and as much as I enjoy Phish, I don't see myself spending $600 for one show.

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