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who's going to nero in waterloo thursday?


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i WANT to go...depends on whether or not i can make it back and be awake for school and if i'm not burnt out from my grandfather's funeral.

you're in chatham?? how are you going? do you go by london?? maybe we can car pool and save the earth or some crazy hippy thing like that. whaever...all i know is that if i can help someone drink i've made a difference in the world.

call me if you have and fun ideas for the night.

my name's rob and i'm at 519.433.1733

that goes for anyone that's going and would like to chip in for gas...just a few rules though...don't slam my doors, don't eat in the car, ash out the window, and drink responsibly enough to save yourself a car cleaning bill [Razz]

other than that, i'm not a tight ass about anything.

i have class until 4 on thursdays, so if people want to gather and party it up in london then go i'm totally down for that.


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Originally posted by Velvet:

I've sen the band hundreds of times, but I'm still happy to say that I too am a nero virgin.

Under what conditions does one's state change from "nero virgin" to "nero non-virgin"? And once changed, is there a way to change back?



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I can't make it to the W'loo show but I'llbe at the London show.

Meggo, I want you to stay clear of this Canned Beats character, okay? [Wink] Are you flying? I would think so. You ought to aswell make it out to the London show the next night. Party over at dude and buddy's place.

bsherman, nope, that's not crazy. After work on Friday get back on the road and head down for the show in London! Is that crazy?

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Hey Ya'll,

I'm listening to a sweet Jager induced Evolve 3 set right now!

I'm definately going to make it out to the show. Here's a little bit of info on the Laurier show. Wilfs is a bar that's on the school campus. It's in a building called the Dr. Alvin Woods Building. Once you get to Laurier just ask someone where it is, they'll help - its pretty easy to find.

The show will definately be 19+ unless you are a Laurier student, in which case you'll have to get a wrist band. Come to think of it - you may be able to get in if you're under 19 and not a Laurier student - however you may want to contact management. Anyway, it's gonna be a killer show and I'm really looking forward to it. See everybody there,


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