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WILCO Documentary


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October 25, 2002 > Carlton Cinema - Toronto - 416 598 2309

November 9-11, 2002 > Bytowne Cinema - Ottawa - 613 789 4600

>> From the WILCO Film website

" I am Trying to Break your Heart is a feature length black and white film about Wilco. More specifically, it follows the band through the making of their fourth album, "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot." The film shows the conflict that arises when a band creates an artistic and challenging record while signed to a record company in the midst of a giant corporate takeover.

The movie (was) shot on super 16mm black and white film and (covered) the beginning of the recording of "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot," the band's parting ways with their former label, Reprise, band member changes, touring, and signing with their new label, Nonesuch.

The filmmakers have financed this film independently. Neither Wilco nor their record company is financially involved in the film, making it a true documentary, rather than a glorified music video or EPK. "

CLICK HERE to view the trailer


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