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trey's Song from the Jammy's


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That's fabulously funny!

It's no wonder though that this jamband scene is synonymous with drugs.

You know Dr. Hux and I walked into a local bar asking if we could book a gig. He asked us what type of music we play and we answered, mostly originals but we cover Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, The Dead, Phish, etc. He responded that jamband music brings too many pot smokers and we were pretty much shoved out of the bar.

So for the first time ever, I was discriminated against for the type of music I listen too. An assumption was made that I do drugs, that everyone in my band does drugs, that anyone who would come to see us does drugs. This may very well be true, but JESUS let us play!!! Even once to see what type of crowd we DO bring out. Judge us afterwards.

IMO songs like Trey's do little to help that reputation.

PS. Trey is God! [big Grin]

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For the speaker/sound card-challenged:

(Transcription obtained from RMP)

You people are amazing

You people are so great

I know you want more music

But you’ll just have to wait

I want to give you kisses, I want to give you hugs

Oh my god, I took too many drugs

I took some drugs with Bobby

I took some drugs with Phil

I took some in the lobby

I took some kinda pill

I took some drugs with Claypool, I took some drugs with Ween

That’s more drugs than we have ever seen

When he starts ‘a talking, he goes on and on

The people all are walking, soon they will be gone

Of all the stuff he’s saying, most of it is wrong

Just shut up and play a fucking song

Now we’ve tested all your patience, and you’ve been tride and true

You’re sick of Pork Tornado, you’re sick of Vida Blue

If I would just stop talking, you would get your wish:

Stop this shit and give us back our Phish

Bonnaroo is over, its sad but its true

At least I got a chance to thank the garbage guys too

I’ll see you all at New Year’s when Phish plays again

I’ll probably take too many drugs again

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