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phish nye poster


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First up, that's an amazing piece of work. It kind of reminds of the old "Doodle-Art" stuff we used to do back in the '70s.

I think a change to the colour scheme might make it a bit better. There are two main colours: the yellow, and the various shades of blue. If the blues were a little more different (up to being not blue), the detail would come through a bit better. As it is, Trey (with his blue shirt) is almost lost in the wash of blue, as is Fishman (with his blue-grey).

Having the lettering a little larger, and more contrasting than black letters on a blue background would also help a bit.



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It's good but needs some more....

Yellow stars!!! hahaha! Just kidding! [Razz]

I think that it looks fantastic. However, the title seems to be a little cramped. Maybe highlighting it would help...give it a light blue shadow maybe???

Love the yellow/blue combo. A red border would look good IMO

Did Trey really shave??? For the love of god....first Booche, and now Trey??? [Confused]

I miss Page's bald head...it was so nice and shiney! [Frown]

Is Trey going to wear a dress shirt this time? Or will he go with the standard T-shirt...with the bowtie???!!! Ohhhh yeah! [big Grin]

How come Jon is the only one that gets to ride his pogo-stick with 1 hand? Where, oh where is his other hand? It should be in the air, like Booche's was on the way out of the church a few weeks ago!!! [Roll Eyes]

Wouldn't it be great if there was a jambands.ca logo on that poster???? hmmmm.... [Wink]

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Who are these guys...Phish...and why haven't I heard of them?

What's going on at MSG on december 31?

I'm out of the loop!

It's a fantastic poster...whoever they are...makes me wanna go check them out. I'm going to call the box office and see if I can get a couple of tickets to this thing.

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