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Mr. Musicface

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Hey, this site is kinda neat:


It's a review site, here's how it works:

  • You set up your account so you can do reviews
  • If you're representing a band, you can set up a page for them. If not, you can do your reviews "on behalf" of another band. I've been doing them on behalf of Uncle Seth which seems to be working 'cus as of tonight they're rated #37 on the site. If you want to help us out by doing some reviews on their behalf, I know the band would appreciate it! [smile]
  • For each review you do "on behalf" of a band, you get a random song to review, and their song gets put into rotation to get reviewed by someone else.

Get it? So far I've discovered some good, bad and ugly music. My fave new discovery so far is Laine, a groovy singer/percussionist from Austin.

A fun distraction!


Mr. M.

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