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Thank You Canada, We Love you


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Hi - we've got Smokestack here... partying late night - checking in.. wanting to comment on the night... here they are:

Hey all-

Just a quick note to say thanks and say what's up to our new friends North of the Border. Special thanks to Dave, Brad, Graham, Yo, Shain S., Shain M., James, Mary, Martha, Sylvia, Brandon and all of the people that made us feel at home up here

Here are a couple comments from the peanut gallery:

B-Mac (Ist Round) : Uhh...superb herb

James (Ist Round) : We gotta be honest with ourselves

Brandon (Ist Round) : USA...A-OKAY

Chuck (Ist Round) : Can you come back to me, I haven't had anytime to prepare.

Mary (Ist Round) : Sorry no comment

Reegs (Ist Round): For not if we don't

Pedro (Ist Round) : It's a logistal matter.

Bare with us - now for the second round of our impromptu quotes.

B-Mac (2nd Round): The older the grape, the sweeter the juice.

James (2nd Round): Round two is so much better than round one...always...http

Brandon (2nd Round): I'm wondering what's next...

Martha (2nd Round) : I got skipped over in the first round.

Chuck (2nd Round): Lets get down to brass tacs, how much for the ape?

Mary (2nd Round): Can I have another grape...maybe two.

Reegs (2nd Round): The best thing about Canada is....

Pedro (2nd Round): Well, we're pleased as punch to be here in Ontario...

B-Mac (3rd Round): Negotiably

James (3rd Round): speaking,

Martha (3rd Round): we

Chuck (3rd Round): the people of Canada

Mary (3rd Round): are

Reegs (3rd Round): expecting

Pedro (3rd Round): a large influx

B-Mac (3rd Round): ------

James (3rd Round): of monkeys

Brandon (3rd Round): accelerating

Chuck (3rd Round): through

Mary (3rd Round): time

Reegs (3rd Round): .

Thank you for putting up with this nonsense.

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