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Nero @TheScherzo - Oct 12


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Set 1

Gordon's Revenge >

Hockey Night In Canada >

Miko Mard

El Vezz

Basheeba >


Set 2

Zedonk >

Centragnome! (I had to include that ex point, I wrote it on the original setlist, so I must have liked something in there which I have forgotten)

3rd Stone >


Whispy Mountain Wonder

Well well well, first time seeing the NewNero and I must say, its different alright. It took my a while to finally get into it. I found myself more confused than anything, but that could have been a combination of substances. At least I didnt pull a BackBacon and lie on the floor in the fetal position [Wink] , although I wanted to.

The gig started with one of the rarities I so often read in setlists, but never seem to see live, Gordons. Nice nice nice. Something didnt seem quite right though, but that was mainly due to the definition I have applied to this band from the many times seeing them in the past. It was strange but joyous. The sound is THICK now. Very thick. MikoMard only enforced that theory, and the ending of MM is absolutely fantastic now. The Punk brings a soloist mentality and the fingers that pull it off. The rest of the set soared, but in all honesty, I was still confused and was trying my best to take it all in. Everyone else seemed to be blown away, for good reason, and even Myrna was impressed with this band.

Speaking to the boys during the break, they felt like their previous gig was the 'one' and they seemed to be struggling with their thoughts of the current night. The potential is there and everyone is stoked. That would definitely be the theme of the next set. Which would begin in the Nero's most pure RocknRoll number, Zedonk.

What a great tune! First time hearing this one, and the rockers were out in full force. Fantastic stuff. This is where the thickness starts to pour out over us and we get crunched by sound. After Centragnome, Lauzon appeased my request for the Brown Sugar guitar and pulled it out. He knows I would have cried had he not, so he did and I didnt. We travlled from the 3rd stone to Lemondust and got flattened for the next 25-30 mins. Nice ending, brought out even more dancers (somewhere at this point, the bar got PACKED, which was very nice to see. Possibly some brisk sales at the Velvet Booth, but he would have to tell you) and Myrna scootched over to Stapes and started to dance as well "I cant sit down anymore". I was dancing as well, but I really roamed during this night, I was listening to reactions (which were hugely positive) and I was trying to figure out what was going on, it was so different for me.

Those close to Nero, were thrilled with the new addition and what it has brought to the music. I, being one of those thrilled, cant wait to hear them when they get back. A couple of months on the road, and this beast will be roaring. It is really thick now, and it can only grow. The potential is scary...............

(forgot my damn camera at our Thanksgiving dinner so no pics, I didnt see one camera that night, but it looks like it was taped. I may not be the best person to be writing this review, but someone has to. I was pretty damn messed and partying til 7am wasnt the brightest decision either. Thanks Myrna for opening your home to new friends and old ones. Good thing we didnt wake you [big Grin] )

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this was a great show - I am glad I was convinced by PassedOut to make the trip from Toronto. It was nice to meet some of you Ottawa folk.

Hope to see y'all again some time soon.

By the way, was the HNIC theme a stab at us Leaf fans (who got beat by the Sens that night)?


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Originally posted by Booche:

I found myself more confused than anything, but that could have been a combination of substances. At least I didnt pull a BackBacon and lie on the floor in the fetal position
, although I wanted to.

I should note, I ended up in that position solely because of confusion, NOT substance abuse.

- Ugh.

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hehe, yeah, I was just joking, I would say that substances did play some SMALL part in my dance floor antics. However, I never really thought of alcohol as a 'substance' before.. [big Grin] It should be known, there is certainly a unique level of peacefulness found while on the floor at a nero show. One shouldn't knock it before they give it a try.

Listen to the tapes for the five second or so absence of guitar in the second set (last song?) for evidence of the mishap. Sorry Dave, just trying to live to my potential. It's a fine line sometimes!

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