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from: Revolving Door Magazine

SF: I should probably ask you before you go about Phish getting back together. It's been a couple of years now. You guys are playing New Year's Eve and then?

JF: We've got three shows at Hampton and then we're probably going to do more. We've haven't actually hammered out the actual details, but basically we're back.

SF: Right. You plan on doing another album and doing a tour.

JF: Yeah. I'm doing this Pork Tornado thing and then we've got New Year's and then we've got the three Hampton gigs. And I think we're probably going to work on some new stuff for the winter again and I think we're going to do some stuff in the late spring and summer and fall. And I think we're going back on tour.

SF: Well, you must be looking forward to it. It sounds like next year is going to be an awful busy year for you.

JF: You know I'll tell you, the last two years off were very important in terms of my personal development and mental sanity and just kind of taking stock of things up until this point. And it was really important to take that time off, but I'll tell you it also hugely deepened my appreciation for Phish. And it's also recharged my work ethic. I was really tired and for a while there I didn't even want to look at my drums or whatever. Then I went out and did a tour with Jamie and then I finished the Pork Tornado album and those were great. I think that the last two years off, I mean it's not like I didn't do anything, but now that Phish is rolling again I'm just feeling this real like make hay while the sun is shining, you know?

SF: Yeah.

JF: I'm thirty-seven years old. I'm not going to be able to do this forever. I feel incredibly lucky that I'm able to be a musician and be able to do what I want for a living. And I guess I feel a really profound sense of not taking that for granted. I don't think I ever did, but I do think that I was just really tired for a little while there. And because of that I was sort of unable to appreciate it at the level that I think it deserves and that I feel I'm able to now. And I think if anything, I feel like I have more energy and more will to work harder than I have in a long time, you know. I'm ready to go back to the way it was when Phish started. Expect the only difference is I don't actually want to log as many hours on the road because I have a family now and I want to be able to spend time with them. Everyone who has kids all they ever say is enjoy them now because before you know it they grow up and it all happens so fast. And you know it does. She is nine months old and it seems like yesterday she was born. Now she's nine months old. I'm gonna turn around and she's going to be a forty year old woman and I'm going to have grandkids. I can't miss that either. But it's great because it's a real good balance, you know. It keeps me really well grounded. And that also has been a huge help, starting a family. In my two years I took off, my mother passed away and I started a family. So I went through some major life changes, but it's all added up to my being able to focus more.

[big Grin][big Grin]

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