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From Rolling Stone: Who's Last... Maybe!


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Townshend Planning Who's Next

New studio set would be band's first in two decades.

Who's last?

Surviving Who members Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey are ready to begin work on their first new studio album in more than twenty years.

"I do not want to write with Roger so we can pass ourselves off as a 'new' Who," Townshend writes in a Web post. "I want to see if he and I have anything we can say together, that we could not say separately. Whether we call an album a Who album is not the point."

According to Townshend, his friend the longtime sound engineer Tom Wright, put the idea in his head: "[Tom] feels Roger and I need to make a 'last' album. One that is real, passionate, earthy, and innovative -- but also accessible."

The news continues a year of dramatic ups and downs for the legendary British rockers. They recently wrapped an emotional three-month-long summer tour without founding bassist John Entwistle, who died of a heart attack in Las Vegas on June 27th, just prior to the outing's originally scheduled kickoff. In 1978, the Who lost their original drummer, the mercurial Keith Moon, to a drug overdose.

Although the new Who material will be collaborative, guitarist/songwriter Townshend and singer Daltrey will not abandon their traditional roles. "I am not shying away from the usual division of labour," Townshend writes. "Roger is more of a singer than a writer, and I am claiming to be more of a writer than a performer. What I am shying away from is trying to pick up the Who recording legacy where it was dropped in 1976."


My guess is that they'll call themselves The Who. Chances are they'll have some new unreleased Who-Entwistle bonus tracks on this release to justify Pete and Rog calling themselves The Who. Regardless, I'm just happy to hear that Pete's going to record some new songs again. He is the most gifted non-prolific songwriter in rock. Even Garcia wrote more tunes than Pete, and Jerry's a genius writer. Now, if only they could get Phil to play bass on a few tracks.

Jaimoe out!

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Hmm.. I gotta say I have mixed feelings about this. The last thing "new" The Who recorded (I believe) was "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting" on the Elton John tribute a few years back and frankly I thought that was pretty lame.

My personal feeling is that Townshend should do another solo album, and perhaps get Roger on as a guest voice, the way he had guests on Iron Man. But calling it The Who... I'm not sure I see the point at this stage, especially without John. IMHO anyway.


Mr. M.

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