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Rolling Stones - Oct. 16 2002


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Anyone go? I snuck in a side door, I have to say though they were a lot better the last time I saw them 8 years ago.

And as a plus I had to watch the show with 17'998 dead people. You couldn't have got these people going with a cattle prod. It really makes you appreciate going to "jam" shows all that much more.

Anyways... Highlights for me were: Can't You Hear Me Knockin', Honkey Tonk Women, Happy and Let It Bleed.

I'll be back at the Skydome show on Friday and Rose Garland afterwards where at least I know they'll slam down a "Loving Cup" for me.

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I went to the show... good times. It was definitely filled with old folks... it's no wonder as my ticket was $375 (!!). Luckily I didn't have to pay for it.....

Set list

Street Fighting Man

It's Only Rock'n'Roll

If You Can't Rock Me

Don't Stop

Rocks Off

Love In Vain

Let It Bleed

Monkey Man

Gimme Shelter

Tumbling Dice

Thru And Thru


Start Me Up

Honky Tonk Women

Can't You Hear Me Knocking


Mannish Boy


Brown Sugar

Sympathy For The Devil

Jumping Jack Flash

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Well hell marc, if i could have seen that angle [Eek!][Eek!][Eek!] it may have soothed the pain a little.......but i was way to high, (up not stoned,,,well maybe both) to see those. [Eek!][Eek!][Eek!]

She still sucked really bad, but, well, i guess .... possibly in a different "environment" her showing different "talents" i could have enjoyed her .... i mean them .... no actually i mean her, a little more. [big Grin]

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Thanks for the nice pictures of Meg and Jack.

You must know that The Stones have notorious bad set-ups for opening bands. If you think a blues/punk-based club band like the Stripes sounded bad, wait til you hear the truly dreadful No Doubt open for the Stones. Keith Richards should leave The Stones. He is too cool to be in that band nowadays. I'd never pay to see only Mick, Ron and Charlie in concert either. What are the Stones without Keef? What is rock guitar without Keith? They wouldn't even be a band - same as The Who without Townshend and The Dead without Jerry.

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I personally thought Keith was in fine form for someone who has been dead for 15 years.

You definitely got it right about shitty openers for the Stones. I remember seeing the fuckin' Spin Doctors opening for them in '94, I wish they had a perscription for a headache!!!

Like I did on Wednesday night I'm gonna be smokin' in the boys room during the opening band tonight. I just hope they change the show a little bit cause the ACC show was like sunday at grandma's house.

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I'm not comparing No Doubt with The Stripes. I'm only saying that opening acts for the Stones never have good sound, even if they usually are good live when they headline. No Doubt are truly awful regardless. I've seen The Stripes put on memorable, gritty blues-inspired performances.

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I've seen The Stripes put on memorable, gritty blues-inspired performances.

Which goes back to my original question....where and how? I mean how can i appreciate what they're doin...can someone point me in the right direction. Do they do anything with mass, mass distortion??? MarcO almost mention gritty blues? I cannot imagine what i heard being even remotely bluesy. So am i missing something? Do they have an album that is less on the distortion level?

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All 3 of their albums are bluesy, but their self-titled first album is the bluesiest. Covers of Son House and Robert Johnson tunes pop up from time to time. However, on all their cds, they are a mix of blues, punk and folk. Also, Jack White is a really good songwriter. He's a minimalist guitarist, very much like his blues heroes.

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I was there too.

Not too sure what to say. I think richards is a extremely poor excuse for a guitar player these days. He was BAD. [Frown]

Luckily the "other" guitar player from the Stones was really good. Had some AMAZING slide guitar solo's. I guess he used to play bass for Rod Stewarts band. Not surprising Rod knows what talent really is.

There five piece brass section that was entertaining as well. Not too mention the girl background singing, especially in Gimme Shelter.

With that being said, get RICHARDS off the stage. Pleez! He is horrible. When he sang a few songs, i thought he was gonna get booed off the stage. He was BAD.

MIck was entertaining as hell. Always thought him to be a little fruity, but man he is entertaining. I actually liked Mick. Too bad about his partner.

At one point, Richards almost fell over in the middle of a song (just a little bit drunk) and a stage hand had to come out VERY QUICKELY and stop the zombie from falling. He stated at the end of the song, "sorry, but you never know what happends, i may fall over at any time..." [Eek!][Roll Eyes]

Anyways, it was worth the 45 dollar concert ticket, as well as the free ride there and home.

Now on to MY BEEF. THAT FUCKING BAND WHITE STRIPES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What the hell were they trying to do/prove up there. Two "musicians", both who have less tallent than a pickle jar, playing on the same stage as the stones. They played eight or so songs. ALL of them were BAD. I honestly believed they were WORSE than Dinner is RUined. [Frown][Frown]

I cannot understand why the promoters would want this excuse for sound opening up. Sure, at some shit "teens" club who don't care about "music", they would fit. If you like: lyrics, composition, songwriting, or actually anything attributed to a good band, this band IS NOT for you.

Most people were throwing stuff at them, or just plain old bored.


Why would the promoters put this band up there. WHY? SO bad sounding......

Drummer, she didn't play a thing on the drums!!!!! I'm serious. She just banged away. NOT ONE FILL, NOT ONE BREAK, NOT ONE CHANGE. Just banged away. I thought at first, during the first song, she was just joking; the way she was drummin'. Soon i realized that this was just her "style". More or less, no idea how to even play the drums, yet she's opening for the stones. [Eek!] And her brother! Worst guitarist EVER. Cheesy "hendrix" LITE licks, not sure what he was trying to prove. He wasn't even do his own "cheese". He was attempting to incorperate the "old jimmy fuzz" to this new age sludge they were playing. They even had a keyboard set up on stage, not sure what for though. Maybe so they "feel" more like musicians. They have "musical" instrument on stage, maybe they could play some music. BUT with the talent the two of them possess, i'm sure he probably couldn't even turn on the keyboards, never mind play them.

I know someone on this board said they liked this band, and after talking to marcO, he fittingly said he liked them. not surprising, when we are opposites about everything.

So my next question is how??????!!!!!!!!! What do u like about them?

There is NO:




actually anything entertaining.


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