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Neat Craft Idea


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I was channel surfing past TVO last night, and came across one of those kids' shows imported from the U.K. that features a pair of lively hosts doing all sorts of neat craft and art things for the kids to watch and do at home. Usually such things bore me to tears, but this time, there was actually something good.

The idea is this: you draw something on sandpaper (medium grit, presumably) using crayons. Put the sandpaper image-side-down on a piece of clothing (even denim), cover with a thin towel, and apply a not-too-hot iron for about 20 seconds. Presto! Hand-drawn home-made iron-on transfer!

Apparently the image will last a while, even through washings (in cold water only). The main trick is that, if/when writing letters, you have to write them onto the sandpaper right-to-left (a mirror would probably help).

Anybody up for a done-it-yourself t-shirt nero theme night?



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