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Dr.Huxtable LIVE at Dekcuf Sat. webcast!!


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Just a reminder...

Dr. Hux will play Cafe Dekcuf:

221 Rideau Street

this Sat. night Oct. 26, 2002

Canadian Cancer Society Benefit

The Wellwishers will start the proceedings, Dr. Huxtable will play second, followed by Keep Yourself Good Company. It's our understanding that these other bands are not exactly from the jamband scene, so we're gonna wave our freak flags high and play a continous 1 hour set.

The show will be webcast at:


$6 at the door

Peace in the East!

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HEY, that's the same dude (I am referring to that dude above me) that cheated me in Sega Football @ 4am this past 4am!

Is that enough to tie in with QOTD#102502

(Psst, if you dont get what I am saying, just smoke a BIG bowl and ask DrH how many secretaries have watched his video.)

Nice set tonight kids, I am getting more and more into your sound, cause she is delving deeper. Phred is becoming an Ottawa-ian Super-Hero. Too bad that Creed/Nickelback-type band before youse, had to play so dang loud.

It was an awfully unfair advantage.

Actually, I felt bad for the band after your set. Sorry, I mean, the third band of the night. It looked like they were getting NO audience, but hey, I was wasted and it is 4:40am on the Fall Back night, so that means, it is either 5:40, 3:40, 7:40 or 6:40 am.

Cause it certainly aint no 2:40am.............

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I was impressed. I got there about 9:30pm, and the place was already fuller than's it been on recent Thursdays at 11:00pm (I overheard a conversation about some heavy on-the-street flyering going on).

The first band had some good elements (decent singing, non-simple song arrangements) but was too loud, and was trying too hard (for my tastes anyway). I was wondering how the crowd (which seemed geared to this kind of music) was going to feel about Dr. H, and vice-versa; I could see a heavy impedance mismatch coming...

It never arrived. Dr. H stepped up to the plate and delivered the goods. The first 45 minutes were non-stop, and the people were dancing (and not just Huxtable's usual patients).

Booche mentioned Phred, and I have too as well. I was having fun off to the side, with the PA blocking my Phredview, but when I stepped out front and saw the whole band, and saw Phred just going off, my fun level doubled, at least.

IIRC, the only cover* was "Play That Funky Music White Boys", which was a good choice, I think. A Dead or Phish cover wouldn't have been appreciated by most of the crowd (no slight against them; it's just that I think most of them listen in different musical circles), but that one got the people moving.

But I'm still disappointed they didn't do Freebird. [Wink]



* Aside from a "Shakedown Street" tease during "N.F.O."

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Shadow Blind->



In the Meantime->


New Funk Order->


Funky Music->


In the Meantime(reprise)

BIG thanks to everybody for comin' out, supporting a great cause, and TOTALLY inspiring us with your enthusiasm on the dance floor!!

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I had such a good time saturday night. Thanks to all who came out, and shook your booty. I had a blast shaking mine.

I enjoyed some of the first band, but I found them pretty loud and full of noise for my taste. I am a fan of space (from miles davis, "listen to the notes that I didn't play"). The first band didn't have much space at all. However, it was their first show.

Thanks again. See you at the next Huxie show.


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I'll never tell [Wink] .

Actually, It was no quarter-esque. I was trying to remember how to play it. So what you got may be No quarter-like, but not exactly right. Improvisation meets bad memory.

Holy good ear though Man!!!


P.S if you listen closly you may here a Music Never Stopped tease too, but I don't remember when we did it.

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