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Computer Help Needed...


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What is my malfunction...

Last week I kinda screwed up, but I no longer have an operating system on my lovely computer...

So I have a Windows 98 disk, I format my C: and attempt to load 98 on...It goes through its paces and then I restart. When I restart, I get all these errors "Can`t find a path" or "Can`t find a file" or "Insert CD-Rom Windows 98"

So I skip all this just so I can try to get on the internet to answer my question, but of course it can`t find a driver for my network card...I try and load it from the floppy but to no avail...Then I try to read my 2 CD Drives, but according to Windows, I only have my a: and my c:!!!


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It kind of sounds like you don't have any CD-ROM drivers loaded for the command prompt.

How are you booting your computer to install win 98?

- Find a pc with win 98 on it and take a floppy and make a boot disc.

- boot your pc to the command prompt

- make a directory called "win98"

- find the win98 directory on your win98 cd and copy everything in there to the folder you made (there's probably other folders in there you should copy too)

- then run setup.exe from your hard drive.

it'll install win98 from your harddrive and won't have any problems finding the disc.

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See if you can do this.

Copy from (X = cd drive)




When you reload Windows, do it from the above directory on your harddrive.

I am not 100% sure if my directory structure is correct, but if it is, you should get somewhere. I think there is a Setup.exe in that cab folder?

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You don't copy everything. The Win98 cd has alot of crap that you don't want to copy. Just find the folder that has all of the .cab files in it, and it should be titled win98.

However, there are so many versions of the install disc, it could be called something else.

I think you can use the following commands to copy the entire win98 directory too your harddrive, including all sub-directories...

--->if D is your CD-ROM

cd d:

cd win98 (or whatever the cab directory is)

copy *.* c:\win98 /S

the /S should copy all subdirectories as well.

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if u have a proper win98 start up disk (with cd rom drivers), a full win98 cd rom (not upgrade), a properly formatted hard drive, you should not have a problem reinstalling win98 and getting all your drivers to function properly.

Call me at 905 383-4538 and we will get this worked out. this is not a hard problem, just i'm sure its very confusing on your end.

Hell if computers were meant to work, I wouldn't have a prospective job. [Wink]

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no prob.

as i said, the startup disk should be a floppy. whether its the original or not. hopefully, if its the original that came w/ your computer, it should have cd rom drives.

I imagine you do have this disk though, cause u mentioned you have already tried to install Windows, and would need the cd rom to do this.

LIke i said, make sure its not a win95 upgrade, but a win98 complete version.

Did u format your hard drive? Or did u just erase everything manually?

Or are you trying to install windows over your last version?

This should not be a hard thing. [Wink]

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