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G.G. Allin and the Murder Junkies

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Has anyone heard of this dude G.G. Allin?? He is (posthumously) a punk legend. From Vermont. We watched the documentary 'Hated', directed by Todd Phillips who did "Bittersweet motel".. what a sick fucker.

If you think any current punk rock, or shock rock show is 'over the top', you haven't seen anything. LItterally, this guy has been popping randomly into my head for a week, making me nauseus. No talent. Except for rubbing feces on his body and shoving bananas up his ass.. (the latter occurred at a 'spoken word' event where he also attacked several audience members).

anyway, if you hear of this dude, his music or the documentary 'hated' look the other way.

just lookin out for y'all. [Wink]


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It is in all of our best interest's to forget this man's name. He wanted nothing but fame and I'm ecstatic to say that he didn't get it. He doesn't deserve to be thought of, similar to how Mark David Chapman doesn't deserve to be thought of. I wish I could forget his fuckin' name.

If these posts are making you curious about gg, forget it, please.

By the way, I'm not trying to compare the tragedy of murdering Lennon with some moron's desire to be an idiot, just trying to make a comparison between two people out for notoriety.

gg was such a loser that there was about 18 people at his last "gig", the culmination of a 16 year career, and in NYC no less. Looks good on ya, shithead (banana ass).

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