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Wassabi Collective!!


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Hey all,

I'm at the Wasabi show right now at the Casabah in Hamilton.....kickin ass right now!Gotta come on friday only $7.00 at the door,Say high I'll be workin the door,if ya haven't seen this guys ya gotta!!!second set now so I should go.

See ya all there on friday and don't ferget about the Smoothies on thurs at PepperJack Cafe only $3.00

Keep smilin'

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I'll be there Friday. I thought I missed the Pepper Jack's show tonight but I was happy to hear (from my friends at 33 Hess) that the Pepper Jack's show was Friday night. Oh yea, I saw several members of the Wasabi Collective grooving to the Sunday night band at 33 Hess tonight. I wonder what they thought of that?

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wow... caught Wassabi last night and was heavily blown away... 2 girls and a guy on killer percussion and vocals... super funki drummer on the kit and wildy trippin guitar and bass... upbeat world beat trance at a level I've never heard it before... impossible not to move to the grooves...

always great to get a breath of BC air... catch a show while they're in ontario or you'll be kickin yourself... friday night at pepperjacks promises to be unforgetable... fire dancers and all... truly fantastic stuff

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The only issue will be talking our TO friends into it, they are the reason we are going to Ktown for the visit. Sally and I just discussed it and we are definitely going to screw the cash if we can talk them into it. They like booze, they like good live music, and they havent been to the Scherzo in a few years. Shouldnt be too hard [big Grin]

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the particular flavour of world beat that seems to get inspired by the clean mountain air, big trees, and gulf island soltace parties... not much like GTB or JSB though the east coast air is very clean as well(and they are both great bands)... more like brazilian or african merimba band rythyms... like "Ngoma" used to sound... the drummer could maybe be compared to GTB's drummer but he is more into doing trippy fade outs and strange alternating loops... working it in behind the plethera of percussion...

the stage looks like something out of one of Mickey Hart's wet dreams... barely enough room for their setup on the casbah's stage(which isn't a small stage)

real happy sounds [smile]

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I am not worried ST, it wont mean repetition. As long as the lot-scene bongo fugs dont show up, we should see some 'real' percussion. That is my early bet based on what I am reading.

McFly, thanks for doing my homework [Wink]

Too bad that Scherzo is SO damn red. It is tough to get a good pic in there without being a total jack-ass to the band.

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they played last night at the casbah... it was just kind of a intro to hamilton show that was supposed to go an hour but went until 12:30... wasn't really promoted... the big show is friday night at pepperjacks... try and come with the proper 'state of mind' [Razz]

not repititive is what I'm sayin... the girls sing alot and get the crowd singin too... the only time the drum kit gets kind of trance-ish is when one of the merimba players is goin bonkers on a solo... everybody solo's in this band... very interactive and spontaneous, no repetitive (unlike me goin on and on about them)... oh well, what can I say? impressed and really, really excited! [smile]

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The Casbah November 3 The Wassabi Collective

Upon entering the Casbah witch is the best sounding room in Hamilton but has totally lost its vibe after the resent halt on the bookings of jamband or groove music.

Seeing all that wood and skin on stage got my ear tuned right up just waiting to hear the earth tones of those instraments on the stage. No warming up for this band right into the hard rhythmic song Third Way just full out madness. This band just gave’r and didn’t let up. Then came one of there songs that I’ve heard before Caravan, this song is a trip. It starts out slow and melodic and builds into an unreal jam session full of drumming and crazy licks that makes you smile. To the end the set off with Feelin Free was nice.

Set two was a short set do to Sunday nights at the Casbah shows end at 12. Tree Some, The Room and Tilla Getts this set had each band member play a little solo to show off their unreal playing..

After the show I was informed that this was just a little warm-up and the show at Pepper Jack’s on Friday night will be full out crazy. Pack up the kids and get in the car, get on the bus, hop on a plane you DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS BAND!!!!!

Shane McCartney



Third Way



Irie Island



Feelin Free

Set 2

3 Some

The Room

Tilla Getts

This is the Bio off The Wassabi Collective web site

The Wassabi Collective, (TWC), is a unique group of musicians and dancers able to adapt to any artistic venue. This professional collection of artists currently has 6 core members. The Wassabi Collective features Jennifer Grindlay (vocals, baritone marimba),Scott Milne (bass), Jeremie Doiron (guitar), Stephan Moore (vocals, drums), Melissa Meretsky (congas, djembe, vocals), and Derek Book (vocals, tenor marimba)

The Wassabi Collective personifies dance energy, playing "Ethno-funkin-tribal-jazzy-world-trance" music with unbelievable accuracy and soulful dynamics. In the post-techno era, TWC has learned how to keep a dance floor packed with organic instruments. The beat is fast, furious, and very, very fun!

The musical portion of the show rotates the talented musicians in various configurations. A few songs played by the powerful marimba percussion section may be followed by a soulful jazz/funk quartet. Players switch instruments while the beat continues. The end of the show is a climactic finale that always has the audience pressing the stage in glee.

The show is more than just music. The act also involves very talented dancers. These dancers add to the ambience of TWC shows, setting a fun and lively mood. All dances are performed in good taste, upholding cultural tradition, grace and spirit. The poi dancers may dazzle audiences by, a theatrical black light Poi show, or (venue permitting), crowds may witness a spectacular fire show, with hula hoop, poi, and wands aflame. The Wassabi Dancers display traditional and not-so-traditional styles of dance including belly dancing with live percussion. The dancers include Heather Holdener, Tashia Weeks, and Melissa Meretsky . Check out the pictures of these wonderful dancers on the photos page.

This group has a mixture of dynamic performances that captivate audiences with their powerful lyrics, intense rhythms and mesmerizing dances. These kind-hearted people strive to perform shows for people of all ages and all backgrounds, sharing healing, creative celebration with as many people as possible. The Wassabi Collective & friends offer more than just a musical show, they offer a cultural extravaganza.

Having its beginnings at various venues in the Okanagan, The Wassabi Collective has went on to success in some of the best clubs and venues in British Columbia, selling out numerous shows in Victoria, where the band is currently based.

For the past three years, The Wassabi Collective, has played to over three hundred venues, including large festivals, international sporting events, community and private events, as well as hosting their own shows. There are too many to list, so here are some of our most memorable shows.


Wednesday November 6th Comfort Zone Toronto ON Groove Wednesdaze

Friday November 8th Pepper Jacks Hamilton ON

Thursday November 14th Liberty Lounge Calgary AB Mount Royal College

Friday November 15th Canmore Hotel Canmore AB 2 nights

Saturday November 16th Canmore Hotel Canmore AB

Monday November 18th Rose and Crown Banff AB tentative

Tuesday November 19th Rose and Crown Banff AB tentative

Friday November 22nd Eldorado Lounge Fernie BC 2 nights

Saturday November 23rd Eldorado Lounge Fernie BC

hit up one of these shows its a must see.


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best sounding room in Hamilton

With the worst guys working the sound boards (not you shane).

most times when i see the fatties (or what used to be Doug) it was always so over amplified, and tinny. Fatties always getting mass monitor feedback. Doug sounding like's in a bathroom. Especially when he hit the harmonica.

did u sndbrd the wassabi show or did they have their own?

I'm telling ya, you get the sound at PJ's much better than the Casbah. They just have a better system. Too bad no one can figure out how to use it!

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ya your right, it was the best sounding room in Hamilton when Chirs was behind the wheel.

now its always to loud!

on the Fat cats note there all deaf and need way to much montiors sound.

i wish we had that system at Pepper Jacks

wow that would be fun.


did u sndbrd the wassabi show or did they have their own?


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