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Talking Heads ... a great band!

mark tonin

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Last week I was in Encore Records in Kitchener and came across a cd copy of Stop Making Sense, a live cd from Talking Heads. It has been remastered for cd and contains 7 additional tracks. I decided to buy it and wow, am I glad I did.

I had forgotten how much I love this band. I was into them big time in highschool and university (in the early/mid '80's) but it's been a while since I've listened to them, other than listening to Phish versions of Crosseyed & Painless and Cities. Talking Heads are fantastic!!! If you've never heard this band, I strongly suggest getting the Stop Making Sense cd or a live cd entitled The Name of the Band is Talking Heads (I used to have it on album).

I saw the Heads at Kingswood (Canada's Wonderland) back on Fri. Aug. 12, 1983 during the Stop Making Sense tour and it still ranks as tied for the best concert I have ever been to. So good that I remember the date of the show ...... well, having the ticket stub helps [Wink]

I've had the Stop Making Sense cd playing at my house for the last week and everyone in my family grooves and dances around the house when it is on. This cd makes us want to boogie, and I remember at the concert, even my friends who NEVER dance were standing and moving to the music.

Well, time to go and make some breakfast for my son ... while listening to Stop Making Sense, of course!!!

Is anyone else into Talking Heads?

Peace, Mark

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Hell Yeah I like the Talking Heads......

I actually have the video version of Stop Making Sense (you can pick it up at any record store for less than $15 since it was reissued).

Most of the time I prefer Songs about...., Remain in Light and the albums but I do have quite a few live shows that are of killer quality. And another circulating show that is top notch is a David Byrne solo show from Halloween 92, featuring a mix of Heads/ Byrne solo stuff. This show is a great cd anytime!!!

"This was a parking lot,

Now its a peaceful oasis.

You Got It, You Got It

This was a shopping mall,

Now its all covered with daisies.

You Got It, You Got It

Don't leave me standing here,

I can't get used to this lifestyle."

- Nothing but Flowers

Thanks mark, its going to be a head filled day........


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I've had The Talking Heads in my head for the past 2 weeks! I saw this Peterborough band called The So So's (who are playing at my house tonight!) do a nice version of Psycho Killer and I've been humming along ever since. Thanks for the Stop Making Sense suggestion. All I have right now is Remain In Light, so that'll be my next one.

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Yes, Remain in Light is an all-time classic album ... I remember thinking "wow" when Phish covered the album at their '96 Halloween show.

I'm also a big Fear of Music fan.

I haven't heard any Talking Heads in a while (other than the cd I just bought) as I used to have it on vinyl but no longer do.

And yes Sean, I have seen the Stop Making Sense movie but that was ages ago. I used to have a copy of it ...... where did all of my Heads stuff go???!!!???

Peace, Mark

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mmmmmm yeah I love em!!! I think 77 and Fear of Music kick ass, but the one to find is on vinyl only: The Name of This Band Is Talking Heads Long since discontinued unfortunately and never re-issued on CD or cassette...


It shows up every now and then SHN'ed up but some are poor quality vinyl rips unfortunately and others are incomplete...

There's a track on there called 'Clean Break' which isn't on any of the other albums-worth the album alone....fanfriggintastic!!!

Also, the Feb 27/81 boot from Sun Plaza is incredible!!!

ANd to add to Northernwish's post-the 92 David Byrne album 'Uh-Oh' is definitely worth checking out....amazing!!

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Talking Heads B&P to the first two responses after this one.

Saratoga Performing Arts Center

Saratoga Springs, NY


Set I:

Psycho Killer


Buildings of Fire

Book I Read

Slippery People


Eyes Wide Shut

Burning Down the House

Life During Wartime

Set II:

Making Flippy Floppy


What a Day It Was


Big Business > I Zimbra

House in Motion

Fun Natural Fun

Girlfriend is Better

Take Me to the River


Crosseyed & Painless

Fantastic Quality and covers all the faves.


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You've got to see Stop Making Sense just for the bonus interview with Byrne's interviewing himself. Basically he's in and out of different costumes interviewing himself. It gives alot of insight into his genius and what's going on below the surface in Demme's movie.

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