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Trey last night


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Oh my.

Set II: Night Speaks To A Woman1 , Drifting

Yup, thats the entire second set.

Night Speaks was 50 minutes long and had Joe Summerville join them.........yikes.

Here's how the setlist looks:

Set I: Mister Completely> Every Story Has A Stone, Magilla, Cayman Review, All Day and All of the Night, Acting the Devil, Small Axe, Alive Again, Chapeau Mauve, Curluse Call

Set II: Night Speaks To A Woman1 , Drifting

Encore: Simple Twist Up Dave2 > The Inlaw Josie Wales3 , Ray Dawn Balloon4 , First Tube

1 with audience participation jam; with 'Push On' type ending and dance; with Joe Summerville

2 Trey explains that the venue curfew is 30 minutes later than he thought, so they'll play a longer encore

3 with the Discern horn intro

4 Trey explains the evolution of Waves into Radon Balloon into Ray Dawn Balloon

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