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Dan Marino #1


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Tarkenton, Marino, Kelly - They are all the same to me.

Big numbers and LOSERS. [big Grin][big Grin][big Grin]

And dont quote the whole Marino didnt have a running back thing, if he played with a real running back that got 20+ carries a game during his career he never would have put up his gawdy numbers (though hed still probably have more than a few records).

Just doing my part to stir the shit.

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Never winning a Super Bowl will always be the knock against Marino, however it doesnt lessen any of his accomplishments.

I will use the fact that he never had a running game, also he never had much of a defense when playing either.

He has put up numbers that obviously make him one of the best QB's ever.

A lot of people would put someone like Joe Montana up there because of his Super Bowls and I wont argue that. He played on much better teams over all, but he did show extreme leadership.

The sad thing about Marino never winning a Super Bowl is all the bums that have.

Jeff Hostetler

Doug Williams

Trent Dilfer

Phil Sims

Mark Rypien

just to name a few

Guys who were never actually that talented but played in a great system and were there at the right place and time.

As for Jim Kelly. If Marino had of played on those Bills teams they'd have at least 2 Super Bowls.

Of course this is my biased opinion, but i'm sure it's 100% accurate. : [Wink][Wink]

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Phil Simms was a capable if not above average quarterback. Also, he's a lot better than the QBs mentioned on your list; and, Phil is certainly more talented than his Texas Longhorns son Chris.

If Miami had any one of a running game or better defense, they would have been one of the great Superbowl dynasties. Blame the management and scouts for their failure to draft decent position players around Marino.

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