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election day

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From the NY Times:

"........ it seems all too likely that this election will depend not on what the public wants but on which people bother to vote. (Or on which people are dissuaded from voting. The stories are already starting to come in; for example, someone is distributing leaflets in minority districts in Maryland telling people that they must pay parking tickets and back rent before voting.) Gallup now predicts only a 35 percent participation rate, the same as in 1998. That would be a shockingly low fraction in any year. In a year this crucial, it's appalling."

C'mon Democrats- they need Senate control to balance out Bush's self interested imperialism.

Anyone wanna take bets ?!?

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This is like a follow-up to the first bloody thing he did when he got into office:

Bush Roadblocks Global Women's Health- Again

November 5, 2002 - Bush Administration representatives at United Nations talks

in Bangkok last week threatened to single handedly overturn the historic

Programme of Action adopted at the International Conference on Population and

Development (ICPD) in Cairo in 1994.

See articles by The New York Times, Associated Press, and Knight-Ridder at:


Once again, the White House is using its “bully” pulpit to force a politically-

motivated agenda abroad that was devised to curry favor with extremists at

home. What is being sacrificed in the process are the health and rights of the

world’s most vulnerable women.

For the more information, including expert spokespeople contacts and background

papers, go to:


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