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David Bowie 12.29.94


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Was just listening to the Bowie from the Holiday run while writing a post about the Bus and sort of fazing out and clueing in. I don't know what's written about this show or this tune in particular but it was a really amazing moment. I'm sure it was the second tune in the second set because Guyute was played first and it was a really new tune to alot of people at that point. Then Mike comes out with what I know now to be a Chapman Stick but I'd never seen him play anything other than a bass bass so that was freaky in and of itself. I don't even know where to start this is freaking me out. Now they're whistling like the Happy Fucking Wanderer and talking about Lassy. I'm sure I heard a 2001 tease earlier that I've for some reason never heard, read or talked about. I guess the thing to get the sense of is that Philly the night before was a great show with a surprisingly great hustling lot scene whereas Providence was freezing icy biting cold with no lot scene whatsoever and hardly a sight of anyone before you got in the venue which was packed. When did they play the Little Drummer Boy was it this night? Anyways that was the feeling of it you know bundling up, spending your parents Christmas cash on drugs and weird concerts. But this really was plain SCARY. I want to say that we were spinning in the aisles like happy yiddish tops (what are those called dradles) but it was not like that. It was like who is this band everytime I think I get them they do something weirder or scarier or whatever. It sort of amplified and brought to a halting crash the holiday spirit. I'm sure Mike played the stick for the whole tune and time seemed to really lapse where you thought the set could only possibly have a couple more tunes. It had a similar effect on me to the Bangor Tweezer in that I truly believed the whole second set had been one free jam and that afterwards the show would basically be over. So what do people think about this song, show or run.

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If you're into Phish and haven't heard this Bowie, you're missing one of the great moments in Phish history. I used to have this on tape. Second set, tape 2, side A was:


David Bowie

and that's it. [big Grin][big Grin]

I always get chills when the whistling section comes in before the Lassie hollers.

Did Mike *really* play a Chapman Stick that night? I've never heard about that before....

great show, although it really is all about the Bowie.. don't know about the rest of the run.

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I think I would have been under my seat if I experinced this... Check out this insane two page review of this song:


"And at 34:32, it's over."

If anyone wants this on disc, I have it:

PH 12-29-94 setII:






cracklin' rosie




my long journey home

sleeping monkey

filler: from set I:




Source: Schoeps CMC34 FOB

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I really don't think the Stick is an implanted memory although since I posted I've read a couple of reviews but neither mentioned this. One did mention an underground parking lot scene we were hitherto unaware of. Although somehow on our trip back to the motel with some american kids who'd been driving us we'd found nitrous and had literally all the available space in the car full of balloons. Driving down the highway after that show huffing balloons really was a fine fine moment.

But I'm almost a hundred percent certain, because our group was talking about how weird that skinny stick bass he was playing was. It could have been for the Guyute (2nd ever, turns out 10.31.95 was the next one so I saw the 3rd as well both of which were reworked) but I definitely associate the long Bowie segment of that show with him on the stick bass in my mind.

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