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Here ya go Meggo. It was a great show, a few hassles with the smokin but nevertheless your typical rockin Hookah show. Karin ended up takin something that didn't agree with her and so backbacon went to go outside with her to get some air and the jerks there have a STRICT no re-entry policy and so they both missed the 2nd set. Too bad cuz it was the better set by far. We crashed at Karin's after the show, everyone was a mess and passed out immediatly except for Karin, Heather and myself. The "bang" went around a couple hundred times and that was all she wrote. Hope that helps ya a bit. Till next time (27th of December in Royal Oak) take it easy babe!


ekoostik hookah

Friday; November 1, 2002

The Magic Bag

Ferndale, Michigan

Set I



Life is good


Going up the Country

Arctic Song



The Streetbeater (Theme to Sanford & Son)

Set II




Tea Rose

Abdega Gaga



The Risk



Blue Sky*


* Dave on keys instead of acoustic

^ Cliff solo on acoustic guitar

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excuse me - was there not a hookah show last friday? i know schwa brought it up, but i want to hear about it! what were the setlists? as far as out here, i saw tala last night with lien, they were great. we're going to catch them again tomorrow in vancouver and also weezy's band, themasses - still not sure where one word ends and the other begins. it's going to be a little reunion too - wade, suzann down from whistler, wellsey, and houston from calgary. chatham partying's the best! [Razz]

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