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Summer's gone so here's a review (not by me):


Hey folks, checking in with a few words on the shows...A great Bridge overall, as always. It's one of the best events of the year and The Youngs did a fabulous job again. Over the course of the two shows I saw just about everybody, except the opening act Vanessa Carlton, because when trying to schelp a huge crew from Stinson & San Rafael, things happen. And that's with the World Series going on. The first night it was shown on every monitor, but was scaled back Sunday to just the terrace bar, because apparently it got a little noisy. When Livan got bombed early Sunday, people started focusing back on the music.

This year was heavy on the singer/songwriter thing; most artists just played solo acoustic or with light accompaniment. I enjoyed a lot of it. Neil & James were of course amazing. Neil was "on," and James, well, I'll always have a soft spot for "from Stockbridge to Boston, the Berkshires were glistening" and all that stuff. Neil joined him for Heart of Gold each night. The Foo Fighters and Tenacious D were painful and I don't get Ryan Adams, but Jack Johnson was pleasant and Thom Yorke did his brooding thing with passion, including a showstopper After The Gold Rush the first night.

But really nobody should be criticized for donating their time to such a worthy cause.


Phil - Styling in leather jacket and jeans, lots of hairspray. Shook hands with each and everyone of the kids after their set. Checked out "Carolina In My Mind" with his wife backstage. Hit some bombs during UJB and elsewhere that got loud.

Bobby - T-shirt and shorts. White beard and gray hair flying around. In fine form. Took a couple of guitar solos but mostly restrained. Carried the singing well.

Mickey - Omnipresent. Friendly to everyone. Hanging and signing autographs for the kids before the show, playing to them during it. Even smiled at my There and Back Again tee. Was great on various percussion instruments.

Jimmy - Sitting stage right with his ax. He can play acoustic too, as mentioned. Would you expect anything else?

Billy - Didn't see too much if him but he anchored the rhythm section.

Rob & Jeff - Alternating between baby grand and pipe organ.

Very full sound and well-mixed. Lots of keys but I can get used to it. Nice to hear a whole band after all the singer/songwriters.

Truckin: SUPER slow. Completely different actually. Gave off the vibe that, hey, we're a little older, a little slower, but we can still play.

FOTD: P&F arrangement. Mostly Bobby vocals. Mickey center stage with "apple box." Jeff took a nice solo on piano.

Cumberland: Rob back on keys. Tight and hot.

Box: Phil nailed the singing, Mickey on bongos. Jeff: organ. Rob took the solo.

UJB: Slow intro. Again, Rob played the first lead during the first break, then Jimmy busted loose. Jimmy also led them out of it with strong and fiery playing. Just great, even acoustically.

Wheel: Brand new ending vocal jam. Upbeat chanting, sort of like Good Lovin'. Very interesting.

GDTRFB: Rob sang a verse. Another fine version.

We Bid You Goodnight: Stunning. Bobby singing his heart out and great harmonies.

Big finale: Comes A Time (Neil's) with just about everybody on stage. No Phil or Bill, I don't think, but everyone else. Bobby and Mickey flanking Neil & JT.

The Bridge can best be symbolized by a line from one of Neil songs that he played both nights on organ. Don't know the name of it but it goes something like, "show each other some love and affection and make the world a better place, with or without you."

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