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David Bowie Biography tonight


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I caught about an hour of this the other week and it was a really good show actually.

I was absolutely 100% floored by how consistent he is from one decade to the next with his answers to similar questions. They show a question posed to him in 72 where he answers something like "i dont know where the music comes from i'm no genius" or something like that - then you'll see a remarkably similar answer in 82, then 92 then 2002 - but each time he says it in a completely different way - like he's just thinking about it for the first time - not at all like its a rehearsed answer to an over asked answer.

It really made me think that he's known exactly who he is and what he does from the start and that he has only expanded his vision with decades of experience....

ok kinda corny, but check out the way they edit those answers from different years together, i thought it was tres cool...

i'm assuming this is EDT? somebody just sent it to me...


5:00PM -7:00PM


David Bowie

A 2-hour profile of the free-spirited, gender-bending rock'n'roll revolutionary.

Traces Bowie's long career, which includes his controversial androgynous image, his Ziggy Stardust character, and his bouts with cocaine addiction and bankruptcy.

Interviews with wife Iman and friends, plus footage of Bowie's many exhilarating live performances, provide an intimate portrait of the pop legend.


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I watched the entire thing the other night. It was great. I was just amazed by his family and the impact their illnesses had on him. Made me wonder if I would be strong enough to make it through all of that.

My favorite part was when the commentator called Mick Jagger his friend. I thought they were a little more then that. I thought Biography told the WHOLE story. [Wink]

Anyway, all that is important is that he never really conformed with the industry and that he gets more and more sexy with each passing year. God DAMN!!!

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