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Riot on the streets of Vancouver


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Thousands of fans rioted for about an hour outside GM Place in downtown Vancouver on Thursday night after Axl Rose, the lead singer of Guns N' Roses, failed to appear for a concert.

It was to have been the first show of the rock band's North American leg of its Chinese Democracy World Tour. Guns N' Roses has a history of concert no-shows.

A band spokesman said poor weather conditions at Los Angeles airport made it impossible for Rose's plane to fly.

Staff at concert promoter Clear Channel Entertainment weren't available for comment, however, a band spokesman said the performance scheduled Friday in Tacoma, Wash., would go ahead.

The band rehearsed Wednesday in GM Place without Rose, who rarely rehearses with his band.

The trouble began when the venue doors didn't open as scheduled at 6:30 p.m. Some people in the lineup began leading chants of "B.S., B.S."

Ticket sales wickets were shut down and when the official announcement came over the loudspeakers at 7:40 p.m., tempers flared.

"That's it, I'm trashing all my GNR stuff," said fan Dana Claydon. "I've been waiting for this since '93 when Axl cancelled the last time. What a jerk."

Within 15 minutes, the upset crowd turned into an angry mob smashing some GM Place windows.

Police cars began arriving and police and stadium security began to move the crowd away from the broken windows.

After a Roman candle was fired off in the direction of officers, police advanced and told people to disperse.

Most did, however, some rowdies began smashing ticket sales windows and throwing rocks at police from the parking lot across from the stadium.

Alysha Stephanischin, 22, of Japser, Alta., was one of the people caught between the two sides and wound up being struck by a billy club.

"I don't blame the officer, there was so much going on, but we weren't dong anything," she said through tears. "I really wish we didn't come tonight, I didn't even want to."

Jim and Stacy Stelmacher of Port Alberni, B.C., came for the day to hook up with Ryan Stookert and Angie Beers who flew in from Calgary just for the show that was supposed to be a birthday surprise for Stookert, a DJ at CJAY radio.

"What a great present, but I guess I just was never meant to see this band," Stookert said. "We're getting out of here now."

Refunds for the show will be available at point of purchase Nov. 14.

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oh man, that is so sad, what is the matter with our society ? How did we get to the point where we can jump so easily to smashing shit up... its just a fucking concert - roman candles at the police - you live in fucking vancouver you're not in tienamen (sp) square anymore - jeezez fuck

i urge everyone who sees assholes being assholes on the street to start telling them to smarten the f' up - we really need to start promoting good sense again in every day life...

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Why would people even buy the tickets to see them now anyway??? Especially when they can see me and Crystal rip it up! And I hear that Nero has started playing Sweet Child...god, I can't wait to hear that! If it's to see Buckethead ('cuz ya can't tell me it's to see Axl now!), then go see him with Les Claypool! If you wanna hear GnR tunes live, then I suggest going to see Paradise City , a tribute band. (They also cover Motley Crue)

Most of you that know my love for GnR tunes might be surprised here. However, I have come to accept the doomed fate of the once-rockin' band (as you may notice, I'm not praising Axl himself here, as he IS an idiot...he's just not a good person...period). I still love to listen to their old albums, and have accepted the fact that this is the only way that I will ever enjoy GnF'nR!!!

As for the rioters...get a grip! Didn't you expect it, even just a little bit? Do you really think that GnR gives a shit that you're pissed off? Noooooooo. So what's the point? Axl gets off on this shit. He considers himself a one-man band (which is why he had so many problems with Slash, since Slash was THE man!), and he's lapping it up when he sees people rioting for him. Don't stroke it for him. Let him be the limp-dick that he now is.

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If Axl did show up the crowd would have probably just rioted during Mix Master Mike's set.

What the hell is up with him opening on this tour anyways?

If Axl shows up and I don't have to pay a dime I'm gonna check out the ACC show. I used to love them, mind you I know this current tour is not "them". The new band sounds interesting to say the least. Plus hearing the Mix Master's patented tweek scratch on Welcome To The Jungle will be sweet.

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"i urge everyone who sees assholes being assholes on the street to start telling them to smarten the f' up - "

In this case, it was axel who fucked up, and the fans were just pissed. these aren't peace and love hippies.

i'm surprised that the GM place wasn't set on fire. THere were MUCH more than a dozen 'people' staying around. At once point, when a steel grate was thrown threw a window, a guys through another roman candle into the GM place.

Another got a broken arm by a 'security' attendant, while pretending he was a cop.

all interesting...all the more reason to stay away from G&R

Plus, he cancelled there i guess back in 92 or 93, the last time he was scheduled there.

H - U mentioned i believe that you were going to the G&R concert in toronto. If axel doesn't show up are you going to be saying anything to the 'freaking' toronto concert goers who will be making the GM place look like Romper room!

-- telling them to shut the fuck up may not be the best move.

all of this just for axel too, man.

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Good edit job, ST. Phew! I was afraid for a moment there!

If I were caught up in that, I would have to honestly say that I would walk....run!.....away. If someone is mad enough to be tossing around steel grates and roman candles, I don't think that they're going to be listening to little Miss Sally. I just wish there was some way of letting these people know that they are just fueling Axl's fire.

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no - and no i'm not going to see an axle show ...

you misunderstood second - i've been really thinking about how stupid obnoxious people are now and how common courtesy and decency and common sense are so far away now that people think it's no problem to start smashing shit - like it's expected - obviously you expect it.

so, what i meant was when you see assholes being assholes on the street say something to them. Let them know in every day life that being stupid and obnoxious isnt acceptable - that way maybe eventually we can get back to some common sense and people might not be so fast to jump to obnoxious behaviour

i see it all the time - one lady was yelling at her kid in the grocery store - people would give dirty looks but just walk on by - if we dont agree with the behaviour say so - or teeny boppers showing off swearing at the top of their lungs in a playground where there are little kids - somebody needs to snap em back into place thats all i meant

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Guest Low Roller

I know if I was a peace loving hippie, and I went to the trouble of getting my baked ass over to GM Place (you have to navigate through a concrete maze to get anywhere near GM Place) to see a washed up band from my youth and they no-show, I'd be fairly miffed too.

Hippie or no hippie, stuff is getting broke. [Mad]

Aw hell, I can't stay mad at Axel. [smile]

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Sorry H, thought you were part of the girlz talking about going to g&r. was kinda skimming...aren't there girls from this site going?

whatever....anyways....i just didn't want to see anyone get hurt in toronto because they decided to...


... when you see assholes being assholes on the street say something to them. Let them know in every day life that being stupid and obnoxious isnt acceptable - that way maybe eventually we can get back to some common sense and people might not be so fast to jump to obnoxious behaviour

now granted, a female would get a lesser response to a freak throwing and setting stuff on fire, but i think i'd just be walking away. GM, ACC, clearchannel, etc. can afford to take care of their dirty laundry.

AXEL also no showed in Vancouver LAST time they were supposed to play.

What do u think would have happened if they cancelled day two Alpine, like they were threatening?

You would have seen a whole bunch of hippies turn rioters. If Axel gave two shits about his fans, he would have been there. We can get anywhere, anytime, in this day in age. He figured, oh well, its the beginning of tour, i can miss a Canadian date.

Being a fucked up, washed up rockstar, he probably forget that he said the SAME THING 10 years ago when he no showed.

I dont think any of us can put are self in the same shoes as those hard core G&R fans. Well, except for us fans of the ghostly DOY. Four no shows in a row for me.

Four in a row. But hey, i ain't paying to see THEM in the GM center.

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I think the girls go to the cover band - ya, i didnt mean to yell at idiots breaking windows [smile]

that quote from the girl that got clubbed is something eh? (up in the original post)

i wouldnt be the least bit surprised if they planned that he not show to get some press coverage at the beginning of the tour.

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