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Question of the Day 11-08-02


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Today's question of the day was inspired by an e-mail sent to me by Kitari titled "The Joys of Being Single" [Roll Eyes]

Well, we've all experienced it multiple times - the cheesy pick up line delivered by a complete idiot at the bar. Read on for the top ten that are used in Canadian bars. See if you recognise any or (heaven forbid) have used one yourself! Responses to these brilliant come-ons are provided below for your convenience!

Top Ten Pick up Lines in Canada

1. "Was it love at first sight, or should I walk by again?"

Wait — let me put my beer goggles on. Oh please, walk by again and keep on going 'til you reach the door.

2. "I lost my phone number. Can I have yours?"

Laugh this one off, but should persistence become a problem, let the perpetrator know that you're in the midst of installing a phone… in the house your boyfriend bought you!

3. "I'm new in town — could I get directions… to your place?"

Umm… go to the corner of Not Interested and Get Lost!

4. "Can I check your tag?" (Checks tag on back of shirt) "I was right, Made in Heaven."

A compliment is nice, when there is no ulterior motive. Tell this little devil to sit on a pitchfork.

5. "You must be tired — you've been running through my mind all day."


6. "Do you come with a map? I keep getting lost in your eyes."

Do you come with a DELETE button? Give me a break!

7. "If I told you that you had a nice body, would you hold it against me?"

No, but I might slap you — with a restraining order.

8. "Can I buy you a drink so I look better?"

One drink? It's going to take more like 10, buddy.

9. "Are you from Mars? 'Cause your moves are out of this world!"

Speaking Vulcan comes in handy at times like these.

10. "Are you a parking ticket? Because you have FINE written all over you."

Who do youi think you are? Shaft?

So I guess my question is this... have you used any of these lines? Have you had any used on you? In either case what was the response? If not the above lines, what ones have you used/had used on you? What setting is best for pick-up lines?

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I have never been one to use cheesy pick up lines in bars. However, I did make one up once.

I was always too embarrassed to use it, but one time I got up the nerve and tried it to see what would happen.

At first the woman I used it on laughed, and then looked at me and smiled, so I bought her a drink and chatted with her a while. I guess it was pretty successful as far as pickup lines go.

I guess I have used it again since, with different degrees of success.

Here it is, © 1995 Peter Krogh

"Excuse me, have you seen my friend? He should be around here somewhere. He told me to meet him by the prettiest girl in the bar".


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aw, thats so sweet - cheesy, but sweet

naw i havent used any of those lines - i was more of a - whoa, too many shooters, i'm sooo drunk, lets go do some more blow then have kinky animal sex ...

... well i know what you're thinking, but at roxannes in the 80s early 90s that was remarkably effective [Wink]

oh geeze the 80s...

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Phred you are hilarious! Creative - and hilarious! Kudos to you for striking out and trying one of your own!

I've never used one myself - being a woman, I can usually just smile as a pick-up. But my personal favourite that's been used on me is:

"Nice shoes. Wanna fuck?"

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not really a pickup line, but there is a gizmo that is indispensible. Carry a lighter. even if you don't smoke.

It's incredible how many cute girls smoke and have no lights. There's nothing worse than a hot girl asking you for a light and you DON'T HAVE ONE!

You may find yourself either just saying 'no', in dismay, or you instantly start scambling through your pockets going 'i SHOULD have one here some where.' and then proceed to run around trying to find a lighter from someone else and then offer it to her.

You could also be near a good-lookin lady and you notice she needs a light. That's a great time to step up to the plate with your fancy lighter AND your conversation.

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One time, I was walking through a bar and some guy must have thought I would be flattered if he slapped my ass.....wrong! It was a perfect moment though! His slap sent me in a full spin, so that my hand landing smack on his face! Slap, slap! Instantaneous! Beautiful! I'm not one for slapping, but if you're gonna dish it out, you've gotta take it too!

I believe that the best way to attract someone's attention is to simply have a good time, and once in awhile make some fun eye contact. Simplicity + Sincerity = success.

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Originally posted by Sally:

I believe that the best way to attract someone's attention is to simply have a good time, and once in awhile make some fun eye contact. Simplicity + Sincerity = success.

I agree 100%. The most attention I ever got was at a small club in San Fran. I was pretty "drunk" to the point where I was just dancin' my ass off, not paying attention to anyone. 3 different girls approached me during the night. They said I was the only guy on the dance floor not aggressively trying to dance with them. Needless to say the night was quite a success!

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I guess it's not polite to ask a QoD and not give a response yourself.

I pulled these from a previous thread. We had a girl's night out for Sally's stagette party. we went to Barrymore's (our first mistake). Here's two pick-up lines that didn't work too well on me.

Guy 1 (a.k.a THE ASSHOLE) Walks up to me and without letting me get a word in edge-wise says "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. But you know that don't you? You hear that all the time don't you, you bitch? So fucking sad. So sad." He walks away shaking his head and continues throughout the night to look at me with shame and disgust. Nice approach LOOSER!!!

Guy 2 (a.k.a THE SHORT DWEEB) Walks up to me and says "Do you want to dance with me?" to which I reply politely no thanks. He pushes me up to the front of the stage, stands behind me, grabs both my arms and starts flailing them as though I was a fucking barbie dall for him to play with. I turn around and snatch my arms back and race to the other side of the stage, leaving him doll-less and his friends laughing. Don't fucking touch me!!!

One that I found humourous was a guy passing me who said "You are so beautiful and you have glasses which means you're smart too. I like that." I responded "Actually it means I can't see...but thanks."

Boy am I glad I am not single [Wink]

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not one for using pick up lines. i go for the just have a good time aproach really. sometimes i have too good of a time...

back in the day though, going here and there with this one group of friends, this girl, you chatham people will know her as nathalie lamonte. well anyways, as a joke pretty much, while walking into a bar or party she would say, loudly enough for guys around to hear, "I wanna get laid tonight and i don't care by who." you could see guys' ears perk up. over the night she would shut poor hopeful guys down left and right. she got a kick out of that. bitch!

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easy now....i'm sorry i haven't been around for a bit....lots going on here these days u know? it's tough NOT working for the government. [Razz] some of you might understand.

now i know how much you all enjoy hearing of my dirty opinions and escapades [Roll Eyes]

but come on guys...i'm not the only one around here I KNOW it.

BOOCHE: the $$$ line is a good one. Seriously, saying that line to a girl is the equivalent of a girl telling you she loves to swallow....and a lie??? i dare you to find an attractive girl at a bar that can drink my pocket dry. [Eek!] and if one comes around who can...who wins anyways? [Cool] or not [Embarrassed]

As for actually using lines (the $$$ one is more of a challenge in a lot of ways), i'll sometimes drop the ol' joey "how U doin'?" line....it can work if you know she's already interested.

I much prefer to rely on the evil smile, knowing nod, and occasional wink. Let her do some work. Who's kidding who, by the time most of us jack-asses are even confident enough to put ourselves out there, we're so damn drunk that it's all over but the crying and spanking. Might as well save yourself the embarrassment and hope she'll get the hint and make a move on you.

sometimes honesty is not the best policy. [Roll Eyes]

here's a line i've heard a dude use recently:

dude-so if we hang out for a coupla hours and we get along alright, is there a chance i can get laid?

girl-with me?


girl-nooooo...but thanks for being honest [smile]

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ahahehghge these are funny.. One time this Summer at a bar in Southampton my friend used this following one and it actually WORKED!! You walk up to a smokin' baber and say:

"How much does a polar bear weigh?"

[Wait 2 seconds, then before she replies, you say:]

"Enough the break the ice, hi my name's ______". Then, you're in.

Here's some more guaranteed winners:

Dude: "Hey are you from Tennessee?"

Baber: "No, why?"

Dude: "Cause you're the only 10 I see!"

And one more...

Dude: "How are you doing?"

Baber: "fine"

Dude: "I asked how are you doing, not how you're looking"

[big Grin]

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