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Free Stuff!

Tungsten Gruvsten

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well, you would have to pay fer shipping if you don't wanna pick it up....

email me at tungstengruvsten@hotmail.com

Book: Musician's Guide to Home Recording

-some stuff is out of date but the principles and techniques are all the same....

Pioneer CT-W404R Tape Deck

-heavily used but still plays fine. Dual deck, lots of options, complete with dead stickers on the top.

Sound on Sound/Future Music Magazines

-5-10 different mags, get yerself some bathroom reading

Other stuff that's NOT free:

-Corner wedge foam for studios

-Electrix MO-FX distortion/delay/flange/tremolo

-Shure 55SH Mic - Colin James/Elvis style

-Atari 2600 with 10 games/controllers

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