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Not such a bastard Anymore.


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Ok, here's the story.

I get extra early this morning (for me) to get the bela tickets online. After getting the most amazing tickets for oysterhead at massy (thanks to my old hockey coach/scalper who traded my two tix for two other tix) i knew EXACTLY where i wanted to sit. IF you get all the way stage right, and get first row, its the best seat in the whole house.

So i'm trying on the net, and only finding center balcony's, so i called TM. Last time calling TM i got both my Alpine days tix from the hotel after a Trey show in Detroit. I was lucky.

This time they offer me the exact seat i want. RB seat 128 (last seat before you go no more). I was amazed. Right above Victor!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then i check the massey hall seating chart and find i'm exactly the opposite side of the theatre that i want to be. I wanted stage right, where victor stands, and instead i got stage left, where jeff coffin stands. So pretty much as far away from victor as possible!!!!

I was freaking. Called TM back, trying to get the exact opposite side ticket. I'm single flyer that show, so asking for one ticket wasn't a big deal.

Well the offer me seat 2 row A on the balcony. NOW THAT IS AMAZING. I was like yes, yes yes. I mentioned to the dude on the phone (different dude than before) that i purchased the wrong single ticket before, and that was why i was purchasing another single ticket.

He OFFERED to cancel the other ticket, if i wanted to, so i didn't have to PAY FOR BOTH.

I was in shock. They offered? I was like, sure, i could have given that ticket away or sold it, but, sure, refund it!!!!!

It was the best customer service i've received at TM in a LONG time. I guess since the amazing Customer service i was given for the Alpine show's tickets.

I'm bubbly now. I'm gonna be so close to VIC again!!!

Last time at convocation hall i did the same thing. single seat. front row balcony right, right above VIC. WOO HOO


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