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new Blues Traveler live album

Mr. Musicface

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Hey all! If anyone's interested, the new Blue Traveler live album "What You And I Have Been Through" is now available at least in Toronto at Edward's Records and CD Replay stores. It's 19 bucks which isn't too bad considering I think it's an import.

I just picked it up yesterday, for those that haven't heard the new line-up I'd definitely recommend it. The band is in very fine form, and new keyboard player Ben Wilson in particular adds something very cool to the sound. There's some great jams and excellent playing all around.

It's mostly material from the last album with a couple of notable exceptions: John Popper's scary harmonica version of "Star Spangled Banner" (sort of like Hendrix's Woodstock version), "Slow Change" from the first BT album and "Carolina Blues" from Straight On 'Til Morning, "Pattern" (originally a Frogwings song penned by Popper and Oteil Burbridge) and "The Path" (previously an Internet-only release.)

Anyway, there ya go. I'm not sure I'd recommend it as a first-ever BT album if you don't own anything by the band - in that case I'd say wait for the upcoming best of. But if you've been into the band in the past and want to catch up on where they are today, definitely a good listen.


Mr. M.

P.S. I just noticed you can download an MP3 from this CD from http://www.artistdirect.com/

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