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TOO Setlist


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Since I am in the crappy position of being at home whilst all others attend the show, I have the pleasure of trying to decipher muffled-cell-phone-drunken-attempts at the setlist.

I apologize if I misheard but here goes:


Cold Rain & Snow

Estimated Profit

Crazy Fingers

Good Lovin'

The Eleven

Little Red Rooster

Casey Jones

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here's the whole list...damn. looks good. the 11 and saint of circumstance...wow!!! musta been a crappy day with the set 1 opener


Cold Rain & Snow, Estimated > Crazy Fingers > Jam > Good Lovin' > The Eleven > LRR > Casey Jones


Scarlet> Fire, Uncle John's Band >Sailor > Saint > Drums> Space > Terrapin Station, Stella Blue

E: One More Saturday Night

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You can probably figure out the highlights from the setlist, but for me they were:

the Eleven, Lost Sailor (which was pretty as hell, Bobby just fantastic), Terrapin (rough-ish Lady with a Fan for Phil, but the rest of it was stellar), gorgeous Crazy Fingres with nice vocals from Barraco, UJB was great and had an amazing jam, my eyes were closed for a good chunk of it, then the Stella Blue- instrumental beautifulness. Jimmy's guitar was positively lyrical, and I almost walked out afterward, wanting to end the show on such a positive, perfectly beautiful note and knowing tha One More Sat. nite was upcoming......

Great solid show all round, the drive home absolute;y sucked messy messy highways.....

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Crazy Fingers (and NO, I did not hear any Garcia samplings during it. I am sure that was just Rob Barraco, but who really knows right now) and UJB through to the end of the second set............

I like the fact Phil doesnt sing Scarlet. Of all the songs he does, that one seems like a punch in the stomach whenever I heard it. Booby is far more suited to it, and its about a chick!

I sooooooooooooo agree with you Barrett, I could have left after Stella. Picture perfect.

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what a GRATE show.....don't know if it can really be verbalized yet, but the band was just damn tight. Hearing them NAIL every change on Sailor->Saint was incredible...I thought I was at Radio City Music Hall '80. So many great moments, the energy level just got higher and higher as the night went on....the second set was just killer. And that was the best, most psychedelic light show I have EVER seen, amazing.

Only ran into a few Ottawa kids....hope everyone had a safe drive back, that was pretty treacherous. Can't wait to discuss this one with y'all in person.....

[big Grin][big Grin][big Grin]

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For me, it was a mass of incredible beauty (the jam coming out of UJB was...indescribable), bookended by psychic trauma (the crack whore, cokehead, and Goldschlager in Rockport [which I slept through {really}] followed by that Jedi-mind-trick-Sith-Lord border guard; then the storm coming back).

I'm glad I went. Thanks to FreekerByTheSpeaker and Grum, who made it possible. It also amazingly cool to hook up with the rest of the Ottawa & Vermont crews.



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Great show, and great to meet some sanctuarians there!

Highlights -UJB- great energy, the eleven-beautiful, and terrapin-always a treat......... waited in line far too long to get in (missed the first three tunes) and hoped for a two song encore...but all in all fantabulous! it was good to be home.


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In one very simple word

INCREDIBLE [Eek!][Eek!][Eek!][Wink]

What a fantasitic time and it was nice to meet dancin bear at our hotel you seemed nice and stoked its too bad you missed the first three tunes.

The whole show was pretty much a highlight for me including drums ,ive been jonesen to see the rythm devils kick my ass, and of course they kicked my ass.

And Secondetube is right $45 a night i guess you get what you paid for. I wont even get into the problems with our room [Wink] anyways what a blast i had and hopefully i can make it to detroit [Razz]

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Loved the show - for me the "Lost Sailor" sealed the deal. That was a long wait to see that song.

Other highlights for me were "Crazy Fingers" (a very absent song in the last couple years of the dead), the "UJB" + the jam that followed, and the "Stella Blue". Seems like most people got off on those as well. Its always fun to see drumz when your in the shape me and Hood were in. And I still dont dig the Mickey rap Bouche but its becoming less painful - and other people are getting a kick out it so whatever. He wrote the song so he can do whatever he wants to it and the jamming was great but for some reason his voice sounds like honking geese to me. [big Grin]

Big thanx to every one that supplied hotel rooms to party and sleep in. That Ramada was hopping.

HUGE thanx to Vermont Dave, you are the man. You're getting so much damn Clamato juice time is see you its gonna be scary.

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11/18/02 Fleet Center, Boston, MA

I: Cumberland Blues, Brown-Eyed Women (Rob), Friend of the Devil (Bob), Baba Jingo, Looks Like Rain, Loose Lucy (Bob)

I hope Vermont Dave went and took those Box Seats that were offered to him!

LLRain was acoustic, and they sampled Bob and Donna's voices from 1977

Of all the newish Other Ones tunes, Baba Jingo is my favorite..........(that part is true)

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Damn that was fun. I was very happy to enjoy Bobby added to the mix.

I only mention Bobby, because he was a major stand-out of added entertainment value to the musicians Phil, Jimmy and Rob.

Those guys sound great together. Sailor>Saint was by far the biggest butt kicker in there. Fire certainly didn't sound rapped or as bad as I had imagined. I wouldn't even call it bad in any way. Was Mickey the devil that night Sloth? [Wink]

I had a pain-in-the-ass time trying to get good 'n' close to snap some pics, but the security was VERY tight up close. They were making people dance in front of their seats, so I had to pretend seats were mine here and there. I finally gave up because it was taking up too much brain-power and I wasn't focused on the music as much as I wanted to be.

I'm always suprised at who I run into at large-sized events. I ran into Stapes-ez pa, who gave me a bunch of stickers to hand out. I also ran into #1 Burt Neilson Band fan Jared, for those that know him.

Vermont Dave and friends are ALWAYS a blast to hang out with for shows. Hopefully Vermont Dave can get them online here.

I dont' think I have enough shots worthy of even one page in the gallery right now. SO here's my favorite for a 1024x768 desktop wallpaper. Just click it to get the big one, and set it as your desktop.


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alz i can say is [big Grin][Eek!][Eek!][big Grin]


Good Lovin (most energy i've seen at any tOO's shows)

UJB (absolutely beautiful)

and finally: the most amazing stella.

I said a prayer for my friend Steve, a kinda thank you for everything, your strength, resiliance, and emotional power, during the Stella.

I sure as hell didn't hear any Jerry voices. And neither did the hundred or so people around me.

CAN'T wait for Detroit now! WOW!

ps. i'd never been to an INDOOR tOO show. My gawd the stench! WOW WOW WOW!!!

Body Odor joining forces throughout the venue to form an evil team of mutant BO, terrorizing all peaceful non-reaky fans. Evil.

Red carpet inn, well, 45 dollars, guess you get what you pay for!

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Thanks for thinking of me Vermont Dave. I was thinking about you too. I even had a big bottle of Clamato in my fridge ready to give to you. My staying at home turned out to be very profitable for me and a good decision. Because I missed the show I have an extra $975.00 in my bank and no worries about unloading my apartment. I found someone to take it.

It sucks that I had to miss it and I am so glad you all had so much fun and arrived home safely.

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