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Bob Dylan - WTF??


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Hey all -

I haven't noticed that anyone has mentioned this, so forgive me if this has already been discussed, but was anyone paying attention to the Bob Dylan tour that just ended? He and his band (which kicks ass, by the way) were pulling out a lot of odd cover tunes this time around. I mean, Bob always seems to pull out one or two surprises every tour, but consider how unexpected these are:

Neil Young - Old Man

Rolling Stones - Brown Sugar

Van Morrisson - Carrying A Torch

Don Henley - The End Of the Innocence

The Beatles - Something [big Grin]


four Warren Zevon songs:

Boom-Boom Mancini

Accidentally Like A Martyr


Lawyers, Guns and Money

Did anyone out there see any of these shows?

Warren Zevon , by the way, is pretty much literally at death's door - one of the most underrated singer-songwriters of the last couple of decades. The doctors say he won't make it another six months [Frown] . It loks like Bob is giving him an early memorial tour...


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Apparently on the first show of the tour, he played piano about 75% of the time. I guess you can never really count His Bobness out - he's always got a few tricks up his sleeve. On a related note, The Bootleg Series has a new release - a compilation of 1975's Rolling Thunder Revue tour, taken from the East Coast (Montreal, Boston, Cambridge, etc). Should be great!

(And no Marc, I could *never* guess who you might be referring to... and its easy to drink with beautiful girls in Korea, since there are so many of them. Of course, it's mostly *me* drinking and them being there, but hey, what the hell... [Wink] )



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Weird, I know. Appparently, he's been playing more keyboards than ever before on this last tour. Tim just went to Elmira, NY to see him and said it was real good.

Speaking of which, how's this for music-obsession? I have a friend who is a concert FREAK, and obsessed with all things music. His modus operandi as of late is, when he's going to see an artist, he'll listen to their entire catalogue in chronological order before going to the show. For CSNY, this meant listening to all permutations of that combo!!! Dylan, Neil, Yes, whatever, he'll take time out to listen to EVERY SINGLE RECORDING (that are available, obviously) before going to the show. If he sees that artist again three months later, out comes the catalogue again.

He's *really* into it!

(Brian, can you guess who? And how come every photo I see of you in S. Korea you're in a bar drinking with gorgeous girls?!? [Roll Eyes] having a good time, are we? you dawwwg....)

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