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diesel dog FYI


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i'm not really sure what FYI means....but we would like to make a band announcement:

diesel dog would like to warmly welcome our newest member - J Jonas Berkeley to the band. Jonas is a killer sax player and has been jamming with us, getting to know our groove and contributing that thing that only a horn player can.

We dont have too many shows booked, as we are currently concentrating on new material and integrating our new member. But there are a few exciting shows coming up so be sure to visit www.dieseldog.ca for dates & info!

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OH FUCKING YES (sorry for the language)


Yes it is the same Jonas that is EVERYWHERE.

He has played with every worthy jamband in ontario, plus others across the board (merl s)


oh by the way jonas is the funkiest thing to ever happen to white mankind!

i'd been hoping he'd play with the fatties, but a year ago when it was introduced, the fatties didn't seem to be serious enuff. (jonas asks todd when do u practice, he replies tuesday nights at the casbah!)

Not serious enuff for Jonas!!!!!!!!! he was the funk behind the beginning of JOmomma. He brings the funk like no other!!!!!!


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Wow oh wow oh wow!!!

Jonas is going to bring lots of additional positive funky energy to the band ... sweet!!!

And here are the upcoming Diesel Dog dates as per their web site:

Dec 14, 2002

The Bacchus Lounge

London, ON

Dec 31, 2002 The Brig - New Years Eve with Erin Smith Band & Mark Wilson and The Way It Is

Port Dover, ON

Jan 17, 2003

The Bombshelter (University of Waterloo) - opening for Fat Cats and Grand Theft Bus

Waterloo, ON

Peace, Mark

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