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Recantment from the author in Albany


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Other Ones a lot more than Dead Lite

By DAVID MALACHOWSKI, Special to the Times Union

First published: Sunday, November 17, 2002

Weir shined on the moody "Lost Sailor" and for "Crazy Fingers," Garcia's taped voice was added, with mixed reviews (some thought it a little creepy).

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Hey there

Yes, I had thought Rob was singing it, but from my vantagepoint, his back was

to me, and I couldn't be sure. In my section of the arena, there became a

mini- controversy about Jerry's voice being dubbed in, everyone around me was

appalled "I can't believe they played a tape of Jerry, that's not right."

At that point, I felt if that with all this talk, I would be remiss in not

mentioning it. A photographer who had been up front insisted that no one was

actually singing, that it was a tape and I took his word for it; obviously I

made a mistake, or I should have at least phrased it differently.

There will be a correction in Tuesday's paper.


David Malachowski


It was an awesome show! !

Full Article Here

Guess Baracco is doin' a good job with emulating Jerry. I've always liked RB's voice, but thats just funny. [Wink]

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