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WSP NYE Tix STILL Available!!!


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Originally posted by shainhouse:

that's quite a long drive to see a crappy band.

hey man. can we drop this stuff? my band is better than your band (insert lame reason here).

i happen to like wsp...in fact a lot. and yes i would drive to the atl to see them.

hey man, i know for a fact if somebody asked you...why would you drive all the way to florida for nye for some piece of shit band?...you would be offended.

there are some bands in our scene that i think are complete bunk...but i don't say a thing. music is a very subjective thing.

it's also funny that as a collective we pride ourselves on tolerance and understanding...except when it comes to those within our little universe

just like my mamma said....if you don't have anything nice to say...don't say anything at all.


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