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Montreal weekend


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well, after BRAVING the snow this time around I managed to arrive alive in Ottawa on Friday. It only took me 6 hours of intense blizzard driving...but i made it. Earth Freak and I picked up some beer and started making plans for our weekend in Montreal. We hooked up our room reservations at the Hotel de Paris and made the smooth/clear drive to the city the next afternoon.

we make friends with some kids from Massachuttes almost immediately when we find our hotel, only they've never heard of The Slip and are basically up here to party!

We invite them into our room and get this party started....as the smell of kind nugs a blazin' fills the halls.

Earth Freak and I order in some Indian food for dinner and watch That 70's Show on the tube...the after dinner fatties get us both lazy and some how 3 hours goes by before we realize we're running late for the show. I pull out some glass and pop in a frosty bud as we get our act together...I.D., money, fatties...lets do it. I'm getting pretty stoked now as this is my first Slip show and all! We get a cab to le swimming and hit a bank machine on the way in...only there's no money to be had and we collectively have $12 between us. The web site said cover was $7 each...we're bummin'! OK, lets just go back to the hotel and get more money, what's six or seven blocks in this bitter Montreal wind!! We walk back to our room...hit the bowl while we're here and get more funds. By the time we made it back to the club, there was a line-up down the stairs and out the door. I can hear the music and am sure that the first set is nearly over. We finally make it in the door and start seeing familiar faces in the crowd. Apparently The Slip

boys had their own adventure on the way up to our fine country and had actually just started the show. Feeling a whole lot happier, I offered to get beers at the bar...well until I was completely ignored for at least 20 minutes.

The club was very packed and I was being bumped around with everyone trying to make there way to the bar...definately no space for dancin'. Just before second set began, I made my way over to the other side of the stage and hung out in the taper section. Now I was happy. Dancin' space, good view of the band playing their (borrowed) instruments, and friends. Those boys rocked the second set! It was great seeing Graham agian, and meeting Dave and Ryan for the first time as well. Hopefully we'll be meeting up again tonight for Nero!! I can't wait:)

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