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jay sanislo

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hey whats up yall i just figure i should be able to make it to detroit, I have the cash to make it but find out tonight if i work on Saturday, which i havent worked a sat there yet, so things are looking pretty good. Secontube Ill let you know tomorrow if we are going and if you still want to come along so you can make it back that night. Man im so pumped, just listening to the albony show and man what memories it brings back. So ill keep you posted for sure. ( we also thinking of maybe another companion to come along we asked Kev if he wanted to come but he said he would get back to me.)

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From the Other Ones Discussion Board :

"THEY ARE BETTER than The Dead in the 90's"

there...i SAID it....i said it out loud.....and proud, and happy about it. It's just my opinion and I'm stickin to it!!!!

(sorry Jer, always loved ya man....but towards the end there....)

- weirbeard

weirbeard..if you mean post 91 i can't agree more..towards the end of the boys run 92-95 getting lifted to that special place became rarer and rarer...friday nite wow I felt a magic and a closeness that i have not felt for a very long time..and quite frankly never thought I would again...to all that have not seen this tour Get on da bus!!

- europhead

c ya One More Saturday Night in Detroit [Wink]

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can't hurt to hope! [smile]

Jerry liked kickin with the boys for those many many years... must be something in that... hunter and mountain girl are along to dig the tour...

I think Garcia still lives in their hearts and they certainly have the experiece to whip up a whirl of magic if the vibe accomodates...

Buffalo 89 it rained from a clear sky full of stars...

Wisconsin 02 had rainbows cutting through the clouds when Hunter took the stage...

its different and its the same... its an excuse to half-step beyond the normal parameters...

I could never say anything remotely bad about Garcia, stupid crazy LOVE the guy... showed me things I didn't know could exist... but I don't see nothin wrong with thinkin his closest friends couldn't put it together the way they used to do...

Doin it for THE MAN!!

half of every show has always been whats in the hearts of the heads in the crowd...

I have faith in the band for one more grate tour [Wink]

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